Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Milvus Aegrotans

Milvus aegrotat periculose,
et remedia nil efficiunt.
Accersiti sunt medici, sed frustra.
Medici milvo dicunt,
"Dispone in ordine res tuas!"
Milvus tandem, moriturus,
matrem vocat et ei dicit,
"O mater,
in medicis humanis
spes nulla salutis est!
Deos precari debes tu
pro mea valetudine."
Mater respondet incunctanter,
"O fili, ex deorum parte
nihil tibi sperare potes;
nec in nomine tuo,
nec in causa tua
Diis supplicare possum:
sacra enim et aras eorum
toties rapinis violasti!"

This story is based on 425. Milvus Aegrotans.
Milvus Aegrotus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Herrick images.

milvus - kite (bird)
aegroto - be sick, ill
periculosus - dangerous, perilous
et - and
remedium - remedy, cure, medicine
nil - nothing
efficio - accomplish, effect
medicus - doctor, physician
sed - but
frustra - in vain, fruitlessly
dico - say, speak
dispono - arrange, order
in - in, into
ordo - order, arrangement
res - affair, business
tuus - your, yours
tandem - finally
morior - die
mater - mother
voco - call out, call upon
is - he/she/it
O - o! oh!
humanus - human
spes - hope
nullus - none, not any
salus - health, salvation
sum - be, exist
deus - god
precor - pray, beg, ask
debes - should, must
tu - you
pro - for, in exchange for
meus - my, mine
valetudo - health
respondeo - answer, reply
iunctanter - instantly
filius - son, child
ex - from, out from,
pars - part
nihil - nothing
spero - hope, hope for
possum - can, be able
nec - and not, nor
nomen - name
tuus - your, yours
causa - cause, case
supplico - pray, beseech
sacer - holy, sacred
enim - because, for
et - and, also, even
ara - altar
toties - so many times
rapina - plunder, booty, robbery
violo - dishonor, outrage, violate
M0425 Perry324

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Hercules et Rusticus

Rustici aratrum haeret
in profundo luto.
Mox prostratus,
rusticus Herculem implorat.
Statim, e caelo vocem audit!
"O rustice inepte,
flagella tu equos;
manus umerosque
rotis adhibe,
annitens totis viribus,
et deinde Herculem invoca!
Tunc enim
tibi propitius Hercules aderit."
Fabula docet:
Otiosa vota nihil prosunt;
iuva temet,
et ipse deus te adiuvabit.

This story is based on 804. Hercules et Rusticus.
Hercules et Rusticus

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Hercules - Hercules
et - and
rusticus - country man, farmer
aratrum - plow
haereo - stick, be stuck
in - in, into
profundus - deep
lutum - mud
mox - soon, next
prostratus - stretched out, laid low
imploro - appeal to, beg, invoke
statim - at once, immediately
e - from, out from
caelum - heaven, sky
vox - voice
audio - hear, listen
O - o! oh!
ineptus - silly, foolish
flagello - flog, whip
tu - you
equus - horse
manus - hand
umerus - upper arm, shoulder
rota - wheel
adhibeo - apply, put to, hold out to
annitor - strive, exert, lean on
totus - all, whole
vis - force, power
deinde - next, then, thereupon
invoco - call upon, invoke
tunc - then
enim - for, because
propitius - favorable
adsum - be present, attend
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
otiosus - lazy, indolent
votum - vow, prayer
nihil - nothing
prosum - be useful, benefit, profit
iuvo - help, assist, aid
ipse - (him/her/it)self
deus - god
adiuvo - help, encourage, favor
M0804 Perry291

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Ursus, Leo, et Vulpes

Leo et ursus,
hinnulum simul adepti,
de eo concertant.
Ex multa pugna
graviter a se ipsis affecti,
etiam vertigine correpti,
defatigati iacent.
Vulpes interea circumcirca it.
Prostratos eos videt,
et hinnulum in medio iacentem.
Vulpes per utrosque percurrit,
hinnulum rapit, fugit et abit!
Leo et ursus
vident quidem furacem vulpem,
sed surgere non possunt.
"Eheu, nos miseros!" dicunt,
"quod vulpi laboravimus!"

This story is based on 132. Ursus, Leo, et Vulpes.
Leo, Ursus et Vulpes

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Aesop 1660 images.
ursus - bear
leo - lion
et - and
vulpes - fox
hinnulus - fawn
simul - at the same time
adipiscor - gain, obtain, get
de - about, concerning
is - he/she/it
concerto - fight, dispute, contest
ex - out of, from, as a result of
multus - much, many
pugna - fight, fighting
graviter - heavily, seriously
a - by
se - reflexive pronoun
ipse - (him/her/it)self
afficio - affect, influence
etiam - even
vrtigo - giddiness, whirling
corripio - seize, grab, carry away
defatigo - tire, exhaust, wear out
iaceo - lie, lie down
interea - meanwhile
circumcirca - around
eo - go
prosterno - knock down, lay low
is - he/she/it
video - see
in - in, into
medius - middle
per - through
uterque - each, both
percurro - run through
rapio - grab, grasp
fugio - run off, flee
abeo - go away, leave
quiden - indeed
furax - thieving
sed - but
surgo - rise up
non - not, no
possum - can, be able
eheu - alas, alack
nos - we, us
miser - wretched, unlucky
dico - say, speak
quod - because
laboro - work, labor, exert effort
M0132 Perry147

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Herinaceus, Vulpes, et Muscae

Vulpes flumen transit,
et in voraginem decidit.
Ex voragine exire non potest!
Diu male vulpi est:
multae muscae ei adhaerent!
At herinaceus forte vagatur,
et vulpem videt.
Herinaceus misericordia captus est.
Herinaceus vulpi dicit:
"Amica, si vis,
istas muscas a te abigam!"
At vulpes omnino vetat.
Herinaceus interrogat,
"Quare hoc vetas?"
Vulpes respondet:
"Istae quidem plenae sunt,
et parum sanguinis sugunt.
Si vero has abigis,
aliae venient, famelicae,
et sanguinem exhaurient totaliter."

This story is based on 180. Herinaceus, Vulpes, et Muscae.
Vulpes et Herinaceus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Grandville images. I like the way Grandville shows the hungry new flies ready and waiting - they are HUGE!
herinaceus - hedgehog
vulpes - fox
et - and
musca - fly
flumen - stream, river
traneo - cross over
in - in, into
vorago - deep hole, chasm
decido - fall down
ex - out, out from
exeo - go out
non - not, no
possum - can, be ablle
diu - for a long time
male - badly
sum - be, exist
multus - much, many
is - he/she/it
adhaereo - cling to
at - but, while, on the other hand
forte - by chance, accidentally
vagor - wander around, roam
video - see
misericordia - pity, mercy
capio - catch, seize, grab
dico - say, speak
amicus - friendly, friend
si - if
volo - want, wish, will
iste - that, that there of yours
a - from, away from
tu - you
abigo - drive away, repel
omnino - completely, entirely
veto - forbid
interrogo - ask, question
quare - why, for what reason
hic - this, this one
respondeo - answer, reply
quidem - indeed
plenus - full, satisfied
sum - be, exist
parum - little, a little bit
sanguis - blood
sugo - suck
vero - in fact
alius - other, another
venio - come
famelicus - hungry
exhaurio - drain, exhaust, drain dry
totaliter - completely

M0180 Perry427

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Lupus et Pastor, Compatres

Paterfamilias habet duodecim oves.
Vult peregrinari
et commendat oves suas lupo;
lupus compater eius est.
Lupus iurat,
"Bene conservabo oves tuas,
o compater!"
Paterfamilias abit.
Lupus interim cogitat de ovibus.
Primo die comedit de una ove,
altero die de alia ove,
et quando reversus est,
paterfamilias clamat,
"Ubi sunt oves meae duodecim?
Vix tres oves nunc invenio!"
Quaerit a lupo,
"Quid mihi dicis de aliis ovibus?"
Respondet lupus,
"Mors venit super oves,
ex temporalitate."
Et dicit paterfamilias,
"Da mihi pelles!"
Ita paterfamilias videt
vestigia dentium lupi,
et dicit lupo,
"Reus es mortis!"
Et paterfamilias lupum suspendit!

This story is based on 81. Lupus et Pastor, Compatres.
Lupus Familiaris et Pastor (1)

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lupus - wolf
et - and
pastor - shepherd
compater - fellow, godfather
paterfamilias - head of the household
habeo - have
duodecim - twelve
ovis - sheep
volo - want, wish, will
peregrinor - make a journey, go abroad
commendo - give in trust, commit, commend
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
is - he/she/it
sum - be, exist
iuro - swear
bene - well, rightly
conservo - keep safe, save
tuus - your, yours
o - o! oh!
abeo - go away
interim - meanwhile
cogito - think
de - about, concerning, of
primus - first
dies - day
comedo - eat, consume
unus - one
alter - another, second, other
alius - other, another
quando - when
revertor - return, come back
clamo - shout
ubi - where
meus - my, mine
vix - scarcely, barely
tres - three
nunc - now
invenio - find, come upon
quaero - ask, inquire
a - from
quid - what
ego - I, me
dico - speak, say
respondeo - answer, reply
mors - death
super - over, upon
ex - from, out of, of
temporalitas - temporariness, suddenness
do - give
pellis - skin, hide, pelt
ita - so, in this way, thus
vestigium - track, trace, footprint
dens - tooth
reus - liable, guilty
suspendo - hang up, hang
M0081 (not in Perry)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Leo, Vacca, Capra, et Ovis

Leo, vacca, capra, et ovis
societatem iungunt.
Cervum permagnum capiunt!
Leo praedam dividit
in quattuor partes aequales.
Tum ita dicit,
“Prima pars mea est,
quia sum leo.
Secundam partem
mihi tribuere debetis,
quia sum fortissimus.
Tertiam mihi sumo
propter egregium laborem meum.
Quartam ... si tangis,
iram meam excitabis!”
Sic leo solus
totam praedam retinet.

This story is based on 16. Leo, Vacca, Capra, et Ovis.
leo, vacca, capra et ovis

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. Notice the very red blood!
leo - lion
vacca - cow
capra - goat, she-goat
et - and
ovis - sheep
societas - alliance, society, company
iungo - join, unite
cervus - deer, stag
permagnus - ver large
capio - catch
praeda - spoils, booty
divido - divide, separate
in - in, into
quattuor - four
pars - part
aequalis - equal
tum - then
ita - thus, in this way
dico - say, speak
primus - first
meus - my, mine
sum - be, exist
quia - because
secundus - second
ego - I, me
tribuo - present, bestow, grant
debeo - should, must
fortis - strong
tertius - third
sumo - take up, assume
propter - because of, on account of
egregius - exceptional
labor - effort, hard work
quartus - fourth
si - if
tango - touch
ira - wrath, anger
excito - arouse, awake
sic - thus
solus - alone, sole
totus - whole, entire
retineo - keep, retain

M0016 Perry339

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Leo et Vulpes Territa

Vulpes leonem numquam vidit,
sed olim forte in eum incidit.
Primo intuitu perterrefacta est.
Vulpes dicit,
"Haec bestia me valde terret!
Prae terrore quasi pereo!"
Rursus autem vulpes leonem videt.
Tunc etiam, sed non ut antea, timet.
Tertio demum leonem videt.
Vulpes iam audax est:
accedit et cum leone colloquitur.
Fabula docet:
Omnia, quae terribilia sunt,
consuetudo blandiora reddit.

This story is based on 26. Leo et Vulpes Territa.
Vulpes et Leo (De Familiaritate)

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Griset images.

leo - lion
et - and
vulpes - fox
territus - scared, terrified
numquam - never
video - see
sed - but
olim - once, once upon a time
forte - by chance, accidentally
in - in, into
is - he/she/it
incido - fall upon, run into
primus - first
intuitus - look, glance
perterrefacio - make completely scared
dico - say, speak
hic - this, this one
bestia - beast, creature
ego - I, me
valde - strongly, very
terreo - frighten, scare
prae - in front of, in view of, because
terror - fright, terror
quasi - as if
pereo - die, perish
rursus - again
autem - but, however
tunc - then
etiam - and, also
non - not, no
ut - as
antea - before, previously
timeo - fear, be afraid
tertius - third
demum - at last, finally
iam - now, by now
audax - bold, daring
sum - be, exist
accedo - approach
cum - with, together with
colloquor - have a conversation
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
omnis - all, every
qui - who, which, that
terribilis - terrifying, frightening
consuetudo - custom, habit, familiarity
blandus - gentle, charming
reddo - render, restore, return
M0026 Perry010

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Pisciculus et Piscator

Piscator retia iacit;
pisciculum tantummodo trahit.
Pisciculus parvulus est!
Miser supplex rogat, dicens,
"O piscator,
melius est me relinquere,
et non capere nunc.
Tam parvus sum,
sed ecce: crescam,
et maior ero.
Tunc me comprehendes.
In futuro,
maiorem utilitatem tibi feram."
Ad haec autem piscator dicit,
"Ast ego profecto stultus non sum!
Te manibus habeo, quamvis levem.
Lucrum parvulum non abiicio,
magnum persequens:
lucrum futurum
in spe incerta consistit."

This story is based on 580. Pisciculus et Piscator.
Piscator et Pisciculus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Tenniel-Wolf images.
pisciculus - little fish
et - and
piscator - fisherman
rete - net
iacio - throw, cast
tantummodo - only
traho - drag, pull
parvulus - tiny
sum - be, exist
miser - wretched, unhappy
supplex - suppliant, kneeling, begging
rogo - ask
dico - say, speak
O - o! oh!
melior - better
ego - I, me
relinquo - leave, abandon
non - not, no
capio - catch, capture
nunc - now
tam - so
parvus - small
sed - but
ecce - look, behold
cresco - grow, grow bigger
maior - bigger, greater
tunc - then
comprehendo - catch, grasp
in - in, into
futurum - the future
utilitas - use, usefulness
tu - you
fero - bring, offer
ad - to, towards
hic - this, this one
autem - but, however
ast - on the other hand, but
profecto - certainly
stultus - foolish, stupid
manus - hand
habeo - have, hold
quamvis - although
levis - light, slight, trivial
lucrum - profit, gain
abiicio - cast away, throw away
magnus - big, great
persequor - pursue, chase
futurus - yet to come, future
spes - hope
incertus - uncertain, doubtful
consisto - stand, stay, consist
M0580 Perry018

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Ranae et Puer

In stagno ranae sunt.
Capitula exerunt de aquis.
Puer lascivus ranas videt.
Per lusum saxis ranas appetit.
De ranis multas iugulat.
Tum rana una clamat,
"Iste puer ludit, ut videtis;
nostrae autem sorores moriuntur."

This story is based on 606. Ranae et Puer.
Pueri et Ranae

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Milo Winter images. In the image, the poor frogs are being tormented by more than one boy, judging by the number of legs!
rana - frog
et - and
puer - boy
in - in, into
stagnum - marsh, swamp
sum - be, exist
capitulum - head, little head
exero - stretch out, push forth
de - from
aqua - water
lascivus - playful, rambunctious
video - see
per - through, by means of
lusus - playing, game
saxum - rock, stone
appeto - aim at, seek
multus - much, many
iugulo - kill, murder
tum - then
unus - one
clamo - shout
iste - that, that there
ludo - play, play a game
ut - as
noster - our, ours
autem - but, however
soror - sister
morior - die

M0606 (not in Perry)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Ranae et Iuppiter

Ranae olim clamore magno orant,
"O Iuppiter, regem nobis da!"
Pater Deorum ridet,
et e caelo
magnum truncum deiicit
in ranarum paludem.
Subito motu aquarum et sono
ranae perterritae sunt.
Mergunt et latent in limo.
Forte una profert e stagno caput.
Regem explorat,
et ranas cunctas evocat.
Illae, timore posito, adnatant.
Petulans ranarum turba
mox in truncum insilit.
Ranae denuo orant,
"Regem novum nobis da!
Iste rex inutilis est."
Tum Iuppiter ciconiam mittit.
Ciconia ranas dilacerat et iugulat;
alias vivas devorat!
Ranae reliquae mergunt.
Lugent, flent, et denuo orant,
"O Iuppiter,
nos libera ab hac calamitate!"
Sed earum querelae et lacrimae
Deum non movent.
Ranis dicit,
"Benignum et placidum regem dedi,
sed non tulistis.
Iam ferum et barbarum ferte!
Malum minus perferte,
ne malum maius vobis veniat."

This story is based on 605. Ranae et Iuppiter.

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Crane images. I like the way you can see it all here: there's Jupiter, there's the log, and there is the deadly bird, decorated with a royal chain of gold, eating up its froggy subjects.
rana - frog
et - and
Iuppiter - Jupiter
olim - once, once upon a time
clamor - shouting, clamor
magnus - great, big
oro - beg, ask for, pray
O - o! oh!
rex - king
nos - we, us
do - give
pater - father
deus - god
rideo - laugh
e - out of, out from, from
caelum - sky, heaven
truncus - tree trunk
deiicio - thrown down
in - in, into
palus - swamp, marsh
subitus - sudden
motus - motion, movement
sonus - sound, noise
perterritus - completely scared
sum - be, exist
mergo - sink, submerge
lateo - hide
limus - mud
forte - by chance
unus - one
profero - bring out, put out
stagnum - swamp
caput - head
exploro - search out, investigate
cunctus - all
evoco - call forth, summon
ille - that, that one
timor - fear
positus - set, set aside
adnato - swim up to, swim to
petulans - insolent, impudent
turba - crowd
mox - soon, then
insilio - jump onto, leap on
denuo - again, anew
novus - new
inutilis - useless
tum - then
ciconia - stork
mitto - send
dilacero - tear to pieces
iugulo - kill, murder
alius - other, another
vivus - living, alive
devoro - gobble up, devour
reliquus - remaining, rest
lugeo - lament, grieve
fleo - weep, wail
libero - set free, liberate
ab - from
hic - this, this one
calamitas - disaster
sed - but
is - he/she/it
querela - complaint, lament
lacrima - tear
moveo - move
dico - say, speak
benignus - kind, gentle
placidus - peaceful, mild
fero - bear, bear up, endure
iam - now, by now
ferus - savage, wild
barbarus - uncivilized, barbaric
malus - wicked, evil
minor - lesser, smaller
perfero - endure
ne - so that not, lest
maior - greater, bigger
vos - you (plural)
venio - come

M0605 Perry044

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Perdix et Auceps

Auceps retia extendit.
Perdicem captat!
Perdix captata supplicabunde rogat,
"O auceps, me demitte!
Tibi promitto:
ego in retia plurimas aves alliciam!
Auceps perdici dicit,
"Nequaquam hoc faciam.
Procul dubio me decipies,
si sodales tuos prodes."
Fabula docet:
Fidem adhibere non oportet eis,
qui alios fallunt.

This story is based on 528. Perdix et Auceps.

auceps et perdix

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Barlow images.
perdix - partridge
et - and
auceps - bird-catcher
rete - net
extendo - stretch out
capto - capture
supplicabunde - beseechingly
rogo - ask
O - o! oh!
ego - I, me
demitto - let down, dismiss
tu - you
promitto - promise
ego - I
in - in, into
plurimus - very many, a great number
avis - bird
allicio - entice, allure, lure
dico - say, speak
nequaquam - no way, not
hic - this, this one
facio - do, make
procul - far from, far off
dubium - doubt
decipio - deceive, trick
si - if
sodalis - companion, comrade
prodo - hand over, betray
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
fides - faith, truth
adhibeo - use, add, apply
non - not, no
oportet - it is fitting, right
is - he/she/it
qui - who, which, that
alius - other, another
fallo - cheat, deceive
M0528 Perry265

Monday, March 07, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Cicada et Asinus

Cicadae dulce canunt.
Asinus cantūs dulcedine captus est.
Cicadam interrogat,
"Quae alimenta comedis,
ut vocem ita suavem habeas?"
Cicada respondet,
"Aer et ros sunt alimenta mihi."
Asinus haec cicadae verba audit,
et sic cogitat,
"Haec est ars dulce canendi:
si cicadae alimenta comedo,
cicadae voce canere potero."
Asinus rictu aperto auram captat.
Sic rore et aere ali cupiens,
asinus fame perit.

This story is based on 658. Cicada et Asinus.

cicada - cicada
et - and
asinus - donkey
cantus - singing, song
dulcedo - sweetness
capio - catch, grab, capture
interrogo - ask, inquire
qui - who, which
alimentum - food
comedo - eat, consum
ut - so, so that
vox - voice
ita - such, so
suavis - sweet, agreeable
habeo - have
respondeo - answer, reply
aer - air
ros - dew
ego - I, me
hic - this, this one
verbum - word
audio - listen, hear
sic - thus, in this way
cogito - think
sum - be, exist
ars - art, skill
dulcis - pleasant, charming, sweet
canendum - singing
si - if
cano - sing
possum - can, be able
rictus - jaws, open mouth
apertus - open
aura - breeze
capto - snatch at, grab at
alo - nourish, feed
cupio - want, desire
fames - hunger, famine
pereo - perish, die
M0658 Perry184

Fabula Facilis: Satyrus et Viator

Viator nive obrutus est,
atque algore paene enectus.
Satyrus misertus est,
et viatorem ducit in antrum suum.
Viator manus refocillat
anhelitu oris.
Satyrus ei dicit,
"Cur in manus sufflas?"
"Hoc modo manus calent."
Postea accumbunt et cenant.
Viator in polentam sufflat.
Satyrus interrogat,
"Cur in polentam sufflas?"
Viator respondet,
"Hoc modo polenta frigescit."
Tunc satyrus viatorem eiicit,
"Exi ex antro meo;
Iste os tuum tam diversum
mihi haudquaquam placet!"

This story is based on 809. Satyrus et Viator.
Satyrus et Viator

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satyrus - satyr
et - and
viator - traveler
nix - snow
obrutus - buried, covered up
atque - and
algor - cold, chilld
paene - almost
enectus - killed
misereor - feel pity, show mercy
duco - lead, conduct
in - in, into
antrum - cave
suus - reflexive personal pronoun
manus - hand
refocillo - revive, warm to life
anhelitus - breath
os - mouth
is - he/she/it
os - mouth
dico - say, speak
cur - why
sufflo - puff, blow
hic - this, this one
modus - way, manner
caleo - grow warm, be warm
postea - after, afterwards
accumbo - take place at meal, recline
ceno - eat a meal
polenta - barley-meal
interrogo - ask, inquire
respondeo - answer, reply
frigesco - get cold, cool
tunc - then
eiicio - throw out, eject
exeo - go out, get out
ex - from, out from
iste - that, that there
tuus - your, ours
tam - so
diversus - turning different ways, diverse
ego - I, me
haudquaquam, no way, not at all
placeo - please

M0809 Perry035

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Iuppiter et Bubulcus

Bubulcus armentum custodit,
sed vitulum de armento amittit.
Silvas et solitudines omnes obit
vitulum requirit.
Multam operam et laborem magnum
nequicquam absumit.
Bubulcus igitur votum Iovi facit:
"Tibi haedum caedam,
si mihi furem ostendis,
qui vitulum rapuit."
Forte in saltum intrat,
et ibi leonem videt,
qui vitulum mandit.
Ad leonis conspectum
ingenti formidine percitus est.
Bubulcus clamat,
"Magne Iuppiter, vituli furem video!
Haedum ex voto tibi caedam,
ut promisi,
sed nunc
bovem opimum a me accipe,
si ex leonis unguibus me eripis!"

This story is based on 777. Iuppiter et Bubulcus.
Bubulcus et Iuppiter

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Iuppiter - Jupiter
et - and
bubulcus - cowherd
armentum - cattle, herd
custodio - watch over, guard
sed - but
vitulus - calf
de - from
amitto - let go, lose
silva - wood, forest
solitudo - wilderness
omnis - all, every
obeo - go around
requiro - seek, ask for
multus - much, many
opera - work
labor - effort, labor
nequicquam - in vain
absumo - spend, waste, squander
igitur - therefore
votum - vow
facio - make, do
tu - you
haedus - kid, young goat
caedo - chop, cut to pieces
si - if
ego - I, me
fur - thief
ostendo - show, point out
qui - who, which, that
rapio - seize, carry off
forte - by chance, accidentally
in - in, into
saltus - defile, pass, woodland
intro - enter, go into
ibi - there
leo - lion
video - see
mando - chew, gnaw, eat
ad - to, towards
conspectus - sight
ingens - enormous, huge
formido - fear, error
percio - excite, move, stir up
clamo - shout, exclaim
magnus - big, great
ex - out, from, because of
ut - as
promitto - promise
sed - but
nunc - now
bos - ox
opimus - fat, plump
a - from
accipio - take, accept
unguis - nail, claw
eripio - take by force, rescue

M0777 Perry049

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Scarabaeus et Stercus

Scarabaeus semel volat
per amygdalinas arbores florentes,
per pomaria, per rosas,
per lilia et alios flores.
Tandem proiicit se in sterquilinium
ubi sunt stercora equorum et boum,
et invenit ibi uxorem suam.
Uxor ei dicit,
"Unde venis?"
Scarbaeus ei dicit,
"Circumeo et transvolo terram;
video flores
amygdalarum, rosarum, et lilorum,
sed numquam est locus
ita amoenus et delectabilis
sicut est hic locus,"
sterquilinium demonstrans.

This story is based on 691. Scarabaeus et Stercus.

scarabaeus - beetle, dung-beetle
et - and
stercus - dung, manure
semel - once
volo - fly
per - through
amygdalinus - almond
arbor - tree
florens - flowering, blossoming
pomarium - orchard
rosa - rose (flower)
lilium - lily
alius - other, another
flos - flower
tandem - at last, finally
proiicio - throw, cast
se - reflexive pronoun
in - in, into
sterquilinium - dungheap
ubi - where
sum - be, exist
equus - horse
bos - ox
invenio - find, come upon
ibi - there
uxor - wife
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
is - he/she/it
dico - say, speak
unde - from where, where
venio - come
circumeo - go around
transvolo - fly across
terra - earth, land
video - see
amygdala - almond tree
sed - but
numquam - never, nowhere
sum - be, exist
locus - place
ita - such, so
amoenus - pleasant
delectabilis - delightful
sicut - just as, as
hic - this, this one
demonstro - point out
M0691 (not in Perry)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Iuppiter et Serpens

Iuppiter nuptias celebrat.
Animalia cuncta ei munera offerunt,
quaeque pro viribus suis.
Serpens itaque rosam decerpit
et rosam in ore suo fert,
ad Iovem accedens.
Iuppiter serpentem videt et dicit,
"Ceterorum omnium dona excipio,
sed ab ore tuo nihil prorsus sumo."
Fabula docet:
Improborum gratiae timendae sunt.

This story is based on 773. Iuppiter et Serpens.

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Osius images. This is one of those illustrations in Osius where you have to ignore the caption; the publisher was trying to make this image do double-duty, illustrating a fable that it actually does not fit very well at all.
Iuppiter - Jupiter
et - and
serpens - snake
nuptiae - wedding
celebro - celebrate, perform
animal - animal, creature
cunctus - all
is - he/she/it
munus - gift
offero - bring to, offer
quisque - each
pro - before, for, according to
vis - power
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
itaque - thus, accordingly
rosa - rose
decerpo - pluck
in - in, into
os - mouth
fero - carry, bear
ad - to, towards
accedo - approach, draw near
video - see
dico - say, speak
ceterus - rest, remaining, other
omnis - all, every
donum - gift
excipio - receive, take, take out
ab - from
tuus - your, yours
nihil - nothing
prorsus - entirely, utterly
sumo - accept, select, obtain
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
improbus - wicked, dishonest
gratia - thanks, favor
timeo - fear

M0773 Perry221