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Fabula Facilis: Iuppiter et Serpens

Iuppiter nuptias celebrat.
Animalia cuncta ei munera offerunt,
quaeque pro viribus suis.
Serpens itaque rosam decerpit
et rosam in ore suo fert,
ad Iovem accedens.
Iuppiter serpentem videt et dicit,
"Ceterorum omnium dona excipio,
sed ab ore tuo nihil prorsus sumo."
Fabula docet:
Improborum gratiae timendae sunt.

This story is based on 773. Iuppiter et Serpens.

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Osius images. This is one of those illustrations in Osius where you have to ignore the caption; the publisher was trying to make this image do double-duty, illustrating a fable that it actually does not fit very well at all.
Iuppiter - Jupiter
et - and
serpens - snake
nuptiae - wedding
celebro - celebrate, perform
animal - animal, creature
cunctus - all
is - he/she/it
munus - gift
offero - bring to, offer
quisque - each
pro - before, for, according to
vis - power
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
itaque - thus, accordingly
rosa - rose
decerpo - pluck
in - in, into
os - mouth
fero - carry, bear
ad - to, towards
accedo - approach, draw near
video - see
dico - say, speak
ceterus - rest, remaining, other
omnis - all, every
donum - gift
excipio - receive, take, take out
ab - from
tuus - your, yours
nihil - nothing
prorsus - entirely, utterly
sumo - accept, select, obtain
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
improbus - wicked, dishonest
gratia - thanks, favor
timeo - fear

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