Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Rusticus et Coluber

Coluber in alta nive iacet.
Frigore prope enectus est.
Rusticus colubrum reperit.
Misericors, domum fert.
Rusticus colubrum ad focum adiicit.
Coluber ab igni vires et virus recipit.
Calefactus, flammam amplius non fert.
Sibilando, coluber totum tugurium inficit.
Rusticus sudem corripit et accurit.
Cum colubro iniuriam expostulat,
verbis et verberibus.
Rusticus ei dicit,
"Bestia ingratissima!
Vitam mihi eripere vis,
sed vitam tuam mihi debes!"

This story is based on 829. Rusticus et Coluber.
rusticus et coluber

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rusticus - country man, farmer
et - and
coluber - snake
in - in, into
altus - tall, deep
nix - snow
iaceo - lie, be stretched out
frigus - cold, cold weather
prope - near, nearly, close
enico - kill, kill off
reperio - find
misericors - merciful
domus - house, home
fero - carry, bear
ad - to, towards
focus - fireplace
adiicio - throw, throw at
ab - from, by
ignis - fire
vis - strength, power
virus - poison
recipio - receive, get back
calefactus - made warm, warmed
flamma - flame
amplius - longer, more
non - not, no
sibilo - whisper, hiss
totus - all, whole
tugurium - cottage
inficio - infect, imbue, poison
sudis - log, stake
corripio - snatch up
accuro - run to, run towards
cum - with, together wit
iniuria - injury, wrongdoing
expostulo - complain, remonstrate
verbum - word
verber - lash, whip
is - he/she/it
dico - speak, say
bestia - beast, creature
ingratus - ungrateful
vita - life
ego - I, me
eripio - snatch away, steal
volo - want, will, wish
sed - but
tuus - your, yours
debeo - owe, ought, must
M0829 Perry176

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Fortuna et Puer

Puer super os putei dormit.
Puer stultus est, et socors:
Facile enim est in puteum cadere!
Fortuna puero stulto astat.
Fortuna eum excitat, dicens,
"O iuvenis, exsurge!
Abi hinc cito!
Homines novi et eorum genium:
Si enim in puteum cades,
homines non te incusabunt,
neque tuam secordiam,
sed me, Fortunam, incusabunt!"

This story is based on 813. Fortuna et Puer.

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Fortuna - Fortune, luck, Lady Luck
et - and
puer - boy
super - above, over
os - mouth
puteus - well
dormio - sleep
stultus - foolish, stupid
socors - stupid, witless
facilis - easy
enim - for, the fact is
in - in, into
cado - fall
asto - stand by, assist
is - he/she/it
excito - aware, arouse
dico - say, speak
O - o! oh!
iuvenis - young, young person
exsurgo - rise up, arise, get up
abeo - go away
hinc - from here
cito - swiftly, quickly
homo - person, man
nosco - know
genius - talent, inclination
si - if
non - not, no
tu - ou
incuso - accuse, blame
neque - and not, nor
tuus - your, yours
secordia - foolishness, stupidity
sed - but
ego - I, me
M0813 Perry174

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Anser et Ova Aurea

Anus quaedam anserem alit.
Anser ei quotidie ovum aureum excludit.
Anus avarissima sic existimat,
"Anser in visceribus fodinam auream habet!"
Cupiditate commota, anserem interficit.
Anus viscera perscrutatur.
In visceribus unicum ovum solum invenit.
Anus, spe inani sublactata, exclamat,
"O me infelicem!
O me magnae crudelitatis consciam!
Non modico lucro contenta, omnia perdidi."

This story is based on 571. Anser et Ova Aurea.
Ova Aurea

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M0571 Perry087

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Avara et Gallina

Vidua gallinam habet.
Gallina ei quotidie unum ovum parit.
Vidua largius gallinam alere incipit.
Vidua sic existimat,
"Si gallinam abundantius nutrio,
mihi duo ova parit, vel plura!"
Gallina nimiis alimentis obesior fit.
Sic obesa, ne unum quidem ovum parit!
Fabula docet:
Si maiora concupiscis,
parva quae possides saepe amittis.

This story is based on 982. Avara et Gallina.
Mulier et Gallina Obesa

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avarus - greedy, avaricious
et - and
gallina - hen
vidua - widow
habeo - have
is - he/she/it
quotidie - daily, every day
unus - one
ovum - egg
pario - produce, give birth to
large - amply, generously
alo - feed, nourish
incipio - begin
sic - thus, in this way
existimo - think, reckon
si - if
abundanter - abundantly, lavishly
nutrio - nourish
ego - I, me
duo - two
vel - or, even
plus - more
nimius - too much, excessive
alimentum - food, feeding
obesus - fat, obese
fio - become
ne...quidem - not...even
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
maior - more, greater
concupisco - crave, desire
parvus - small, tiny
qui - who, which, that
possideo - possess
saepe - often
amitto - lose
M0982 Perry058

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Cornix et Urna

Cornix sitibunda est.
Urnam reperit, aqua plenam.
Sed urna profunda est.
Quod urna profunda est,
cornix urnam exhaurire non potest.
Cornix aquam effundere conatur,
sed molimen eius vanum est.
Cornix aquam effundere non valet.
Cornix igitur ex arena lapillulos legit.
Lapillulos in urnam iniectat.
Hoc modo aqua levatur et cornix bibit.
Fabula docet:
Necessitas est ingenii mater.

This story is based on 447. Cornix et Urna.
Corvus et Urna

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cornix - crow
et - and
urna - urn, pot
sitibundus - thirsty
sum - be, exist
reperio - find
aqua - water
plenus - full
sed - but
profundus - deep
quod - because
exhaurio - drink up, drain
non - not, no
possum - can, beable
effundo - pour out
conor - try, attempt
molimen - effort
is - he/she/it
valeo - be strong, be able
igitur - therefore
ex - out of, out from, from
arena - sand
lapillulus - little stone, pebble
lego - gather
in - in, into
iniecto - toss in
hic - this, this one
modus - mode, manner, measure
levo - raise up, elevate
bibo - drink
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
necessitas - necessity
ingenium - ingenuity, invention
mater - mother
M0447 Perry390

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Corvus Aquilam Imitans

Aquila de rupe celsa devolat.
Agnum e grege eripit!
Corvus hoc videt et aemulatione movetur.
Vehementi strepitu, corvus in arietem irruit.
Ita ungues in vellere implicat.
Alas movet, sed se explicare non potest.
Pastor corvum videt et prehendit.
Corvi alarum pennas succidit.
Corvum pueris ludibrio praebet.
Corvum ingemit et secum ait,
"Hei mihi! Aquila non sum, sed corvus."

This story is based on 431. Corvus Aquilam Imitans.
0216 Corvus Aquilam Imitans

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corvus - crow
aquila - eagle
imitor - imitate, copy
de - from, down from
rupes - cliff, rock
celsus - high, lofty
devolo - fly down
agnus - lamb
e - out, out from, from
grex - flock
eripio - grab away, snatch
hic - this, this one, this thing
video - see
aemulatio - rivalry, ambition
moveo - move
vehemens - violent, vigorous
strepitus - crash, noise, racket
aries - ram
irruo - rush into, attack
ita - so, in this way
unguis - claw, talon, nail
vellus - fleece
implico - entangle
ala - wing
sed - but
se - reflexive pronoun
non - not, no
possum - can, be able
pastor - shepherd
prehendo - catch, grab
penna - father
succido - cut down, cut off
puer - boy
ludibrium - plaything, game
praebeo - offer, put forward, present
ingemo - groan, moan
cum - with, together with
aio - say
hei - ah! woe!
ego - I, me
sum - be, exist
M0431 Perry002

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Cancer et Filius Eius

Cancer filio dicit,
"Mi fili, recta via perge!
Semper obliquis gressibus incedis,
sed recta via pergere debes."
Filius respondet,
"Mi pater, tuis praeceptis obsequi volo.
Tu prius hoc fac, et ego libenter faciam."

This story is based on 586. Cancer et Filius Eius.
Cancri Duo

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cancer - crab
et - and
filius - son
is - he/she/it
dico - say, speak
meus - my, mine
rectus - right, straight
via - way
pergo - go, proceed, walk
semper - always
obliquus - crooked, sideways
gressus - step, pace
incedo - go, walk
sed - but
debeo - must, ought, should
respondeo - reply, answer
pater - father
tuus - your, yours
praeceptum - teaching, instruction
obsequor - follow, obey
volo - want, wish, will
tu - you
prius - first, beforehand
facio - do
ego - I, me
libenter - willingly, gladly
M0586 Perry322

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Harundo et Quercus

Quercus et harundo de robore disceptant.
Quercus exprobrat harundini mobilitatem.
"Tu ad quamvis exiguam auram tremis!"
Quercus sic dicit, sed harundo tacet.
Paulo post, procella furit.
Quercus procellae resistit.
Procella quercum radicitus evellit.
Sed harundo vento cedit.
Hoc modo harundo locum suum servat.

This story is based on 731. Harundo et Quercus.
quercus et arundo

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harundo - reed
et - and
quercus - oak
de - about, concerning
robur - strength, robustness, resolve
discepto - debate, dispute
exprobro - criticize, reproach
mobilitas - instablity, mobility
tu - you
ad - to
quivis - whatever, any
exiguus - slight, meager, small
aura - breeze
tremo - tremble, shake
sic - thus, in this way
dico - speak, say
sed - but
taceo - be silent, be quiet
paulo - a little, by a little
post - after, afterwards
procella - storm, gale
furio - rage
resisto - stand up to, resist
radicitus - by the roots
evello - tear up, tear out
ventus - wind
cedo - yield, give way to
hic - this, this one
modus - way, manner, measure
locus - place
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
servo - keep, preserve, save
M0731 Perry070

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Mus et Leonis Gratia

Leo laqueo captus est.
Sic irretitus, nullis viribus se explicare potest.
Leo murem rogat,
"O mus, laqueum abrode et me libera!
Tanti beneficii semper memor ero!"
Mus hoc prompte facit:
laqueum abrodit et leonem liberat.
Mus leonem rogat,
"Filiam tuam mihi trade in uxorem!"
Leo non abnuit.
Hanc rem gratam benefactori suo facit.
Leaena, nova nupta, ad virum venit.
Sed leaena murem non videt!
Casu murem pede premit et conterit.
Fabula docet:
Vota moderanda sunt!
Si quaeris plura quam decet,
mortem tuam festinas.

This story is based on 209. Mus et Leonis Gratia.
leo et mus

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mus - mouse
et - and
leo - lion
gratia - favor, thanks
laqueus - net, snare
capio - catch, capture
sic - in this way
irretitus - caught, tangled in a net
nullus - not any, none
vis - strength, power, force
se - reflexive pronoun
explico - untangle, disentangle
possum - can, be able
rogo - ask, inquire
O - o! oh!
abrodo - chew off, chew away
ego - I, me
libero - set free, liberate
tantus - such, so much, so great
beneficium - good deed
semper - always
memor - mindful, remembering
sum - be, exist
hic - this, this one, this thing
prompte - readily, willingly
facio - do, make
filia - daughter
tuus - your, yours
trado - hand over, give
in - in, into
uxor - wife
non - not, no
abnuo - refuse, shake head "no"0
res - thing
gratus - welcome, pleasing
benefactor - someone who does good
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
leaena - lioness
novus - new
nupta - bride
ad - to, towards
vir - man, husband
venio - come
sed - but
video - see
casu - by chance, accidentally
pes - food, paw
premo - press
contero - grind, crush
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
votum - prayer, wish, vow
modero - limit, control, slow down
si - if
quaero - seek
plus - more, too much, too many
quam - than
decet - it is fitting, it is appropriate
mors - death
festino - hurry, hasten

M0209 Perry150

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Talpa et Tumulus

Talpa latebram tenebricosam sub humo fodit.
Talpa inquit,
"Quam bene lateo in latebra mea!
Olitor me deprehendere non potest,
tam bene latentem."
Latebram suam fodiens,
talpa glaebulas trudit et sursum aggerit.
Hoc modo tumulus fit.
Tumulus talpae operam indicat!
Olitor tumulum advertit et inquit,
"Ubi tumulus, ibi talpa!"
Olitor insidias in talpae latebrae faucibus collocat.
Olitor hoc modo talpam incautam capit.
Fabula docet: malefici semper se produnt.

This story is based on 187. Talpa et Tumulus.

M0187 (not in Perry)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Mus in Cervisia

Mus semel cecidit in cervisiam.
Mus pipat quod exire non potest.
Catus transit et murem pipantem audit.
Catus muri ait,
"Quare clamas?"
Mus respondet,
"Pipo quia exire non possum."
Catus dicit,
"Quid mihi dabis, si te extraham?"
Mus dicit,
"Tibi dabo quidquid postulabis."
Catus dicit,
"Hac vice te libero,
sed venire debes si te voco!"
Mus dicit,
"Firmiter hoc promitto."
Catus dicit,
"Iura mihi."
Et mus iurat.
Catus murem extrahit et ire permittit.
Postea catus esurit et ad foramen muris
Catus muri dicit,
"Ad me nunc exi!"
Mus dicit,
"Hoc facere nolo."
Catus dicit,
"Nonne iurasti mihi?"
Mus respondet,
Catus, ebria fui, quando iuravi."
This story is based on 202. Mus in Cervisia.

M0202 Perry615

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Culex et Apes

In hiberno tempore, culex dicit,
"Ego fame et frigore pereo!"
Culex ad apium alvearia accedit.
Ab apibus cibum et hospitium petit,
"O apes, cibum et hospitium mihi date!
Si cibum et hospitium mihi datis,
filios vestros artem mean musicam edocebo."
Sed apes negant et culici dicunt,
"Artem nostram filii nostri discere debent,
quae eos a famis et frigoris periculo eximunt!"

This story is based on 698. Culex et Apes.
Culex et Apes

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M0698 (not in Perry)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Simiae Saltantes

Rex Aegyptius simias saltare docet.
Simiae saltant, vestibus pulchris ornatae.
Miris modis saltant!
Hoc spectaculum spectatoribus diu placet.
E spectatoribus homo facetus nuces habet.
Nuces in medium iacit.
Simiae nuces vident.
Statim saltandi oblitae sunt!
Vestes dilacerant et pro nucibus inter se pugnant.
Maximus spectatorum risus est!

This story is based on 125. Simiae Saltantes.
Simia Saltans

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M0125 Perry463

Monday, November 01, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Simius Glorians et Vulpecula

Simius olim vulpeculae iactat,
"Singularis industria mihi est:
animalium habitūs exprimere possum
et omnes eorum gestūs imitari scio!"
Vulpecula respondet,
"Ego lubens tibi concedo:
nullum animal est,
quod imitari non potes.
Sed tu vicissim mihi concedis:
nullum animal est,
quod te imitari vult."

This story is based on 113. Simius Glorians et Vulpecula.
Vulpes et Simius Superbus

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M0113 (not in Perry)