Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Fortuna et Puer

Puer super os putei dormit.
Puer stultus est, et socors:
Facile enim est in puteum cadere!
Fortuna puero stulto astat.
Fortuna eum excitat, dicens,
"O iuvenis, exsurge!
Abi hinc cito!
Homines novi et eorum genium:
Si enim in puteum cades,
homines non te incusabunt,
neque tuam secordiam,
sed me, Fortunam, incusabunt!"

This story is based on 813. Fortuna et Puer.

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Fortuna - Fortune, luck, Lady Luck
et - and
puer - boy
super - above, over
os - mouth
puteus - well
dormio - sleep
stultus - foolish, stupid
socors - stupid, witless
facilis - easy
enim - for, the fact is
in - in, into
cado - fall
asto - stand by, assist
is - he/she/it
excito - aware, arouse
dico - say, speak
O - o! oh!
iuvenis - young, young person
exsurgo - rise up, arise, get up
abeo - go away
hinc - from here
cito - swiftly, quickly
homo - person, man
nosco - know
genius - talent, inclination
si - if
non - not, no
tu - ou
incuso - accuse, blame
neque - and not, nor
tuus - your, yours
secordia - foolishness, stupidity
sed - but
ego - I, me
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司馬仲軒 said...

Should the 'secordiam' be 'socordiam'?

Laura Gibbs said...

Variant spellings of the same word:
socordia / secordia

司馬仲軒 said...

Wow! I thought the forum might be automated and didn't expect any reply! Thanks a lot!
So, the word is formed by "se + cor" right?
Thank you again for your timely reply!

Laura Gibbs said...

Yes, exactly: se as in away, apart from.
Like in familiar word "securus," without concern or worry!