Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Cornix et Urna

Cornix sitibunda est.
Urnam reperit, aqua plenam.
Sed urna profunda est.
Quod urna profunda est,
cornix urnam exhaurire non potest.
Cornix aquam effundere conatur,
sed molimen eius vanum est.
Cornix aquam effundere non valet.
Cornix igitur ex arena lapillulos legit.
Lapillulos in urnam iniectat.
Hoc modo aqua levatur et cornix bibit.
Fabula docet:
Necessitas est ingenii mater.

This story is based on 447. Cornix et Urna.
Corvus et Urna

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cornix - crow
et - and
urna - urn, pot
sitibundus - thirsty
sum - be, exist
reperio - find
aqua - water
plenus - full
sed - but
profundus - deep
quod - because
exhaurio - drink up, drain
non - not, no
possum - can, beable
effundo - pour out
conor - try, attempt
molimen - effort
is - he/she/it
valeo - be strong, be able
igitur - therefore
ex - out of, out from, from
arena - sand
lapillulus - little stone, pebble
lego - gather
in - in, into
iniecto - toss in
hic - this, this one
modus - mode, manner, measure
levo - raise up, elevate
bibo - drink
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
necessitas - necessity
ingenium - ingenuity, invention
mater - mother
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