Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Cancer et Filius Eius

Cancer filio dicit,
"Mi fili, recta via perge!
Semper obliquis gressibus incedis,
sed recta via pergere debes."
Filius respondet,
"Mi pater, tuis praeceptis obsequi volo.
Tu prius hoc fac, et ego libenter faciam."

This story is based on 586. Cancer et Filius Eius.
Cancri Duo

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cancer - crab
et - and
filius - son
is - he/she/it
dico - say, speak
meus - my, mine
rectus - right, straight
via - way
pergo - go, proceed, walk
semper - always
obliquus - crooked, sideways
gressus - step, pace
incedo - go, walk
sed - but
debeo - must, ought, should
respondeo - reply, answer
pater - father
tuus - your, yours
praeceptum - teaching, instruction
obsequor - follow, obey
volo - want, wish, will
tu - you
prius - first, beforehand
facio - do
ego - I, me
libenter - willingly, gladly
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司馬仲軒 said...

Today I suddenly come up with this question:
can the title be "Cancer et filius suus"?
Seems it's grammatically correct, I wonder why should we use 'eius' here not 'suus'?
Thank you very much!

Laura Gibbs said...

Both of the nouns are in the nominative case here: cancer ET filius. So, it's not like you have a nominative noun which is the subject of a verb: Cancer filium suum amat. Here, both of the nouns are in the nominative case.