Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Harundo et Quercus

Quercus et harundo de robore disceptant.
Quercus exprobrat harundini mobilitatem.
"Tu ad quamvis exiguam auram tremis!"
Quercus sic dicit, sed harundo tacet.
Paulo post, procella furit.
Quercus procellae resistit.
Procella quercum radicitus evellit.
Sed harundo vento cedit.
Hoc modo harundo locum suum servat.

This story is based on 731. Harundo et Quercus.
quercus et arundo

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harundo - reed
et - and
quercus - oak
de - about, concerning
robur - strength, robustness, resolve
discepto - debate, dispute
exprobro - criticize, reproach
mobilitas - instablity, mobility
tu - you
ad - to
quivis - whatever, any
exiguus - slight, meager, small
aura - breeze
tremo - tremble, shake
sic - thus, in this way
dico - speak, say
sed - but
taceo - be silent, be quiet
paulo - a little, by a little
post - after, afterwards
procella - storm, gale
furio - rage
resisto - stand up to, resist
radicitus - by the roots
evello - tear up, tear out
ventus - wind
cedo - yield, give way to
hic - this, this one
modus - way, manner, measure
locus - place
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
servo - keep, preserve, save
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