Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Cervus et Amici Eius

Cervus morbo correptus est.
In loco campestri procumbit.
Ferae aliae cervum visitant
et pabula devorant
quae in vicino cervi sunt.
cervus paululum convalescit,
sed inopia oppressus est,
et vitam, cum pabulo, perdit.
Haec fabula carpit eos
qui nimios amicos habent,
et stultos;
ex talibus amicis,
plus damni
quam emolumenti capiunt.

This story is based on 155. Cervus et Amici Eius.

Cervus et Amici Eius

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cervus - deer, stag
et - and
amicus - friend
is - he/she/it
morbus - sickness, disease
corripio - seize, grab,
in - in, into
locus - place
campestris - level, flat, plain
procumbo - lie down, sink down
fera - wild beast
alius - other, another
visito - visit, call upon
et - and
pabulum - fodder, food
devoro - devour, consume
qui - who, which, that
vicinum - neighborhood, vicinity
sum - be
postea - afterwards, after
paululum - a little bit, a tiny bit
convalesco - get well, recover
sed - but
inopia - lack, need, scarcity
opprimo - press down, crush, oppress
vita - life
cum - with
perdo - lose
hic - this
fabula - story, fable
carpo - pluck, graze, tease
nimius - too much, excessive
habeo - have
stultus - foolish
ex - from, out of
talis - such
plus - more
damnum - loss, damage, injury
quam - than
emolumentum - advantage, benefit
capio - grab, grasp, get
M0155 Perry305

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Leaena et Sus

Sus et leaena ad invicem litigant.
Sus autem leaenae dicit,
“Et tu, in quo te iactas?
Pro qua re elevata es
tantam in superbiam?
Labor tuus inanis est:
per annum unum laboras,
et unum catulum solum habes.
Ego fecunda sum
et grata hominibus.
Per duos quosque menses
porto quattuordecim porcellos.”
Leaena respondet,
“Verum est,
sed tu paris porcellos,
ego leonem.”
Haec fabula
exemplum est hominis verbosi,
qui multa loquitur inutilia.
Sapiens autem
paucis contentus est verbis.

This story is based on 9. Leaena et Sus.

Image Source: Lioness and Cub.

leaena - lioness
et - and
sus - pig, sow
ad invicem - mutually, in turns
litigo - quarrel, dispute
autem - but, however
dico - say
tu - you
in - in, into
quis - who, what, which
iacto - boast, brag
pro - before, for, about
res - thing, business
elevo - lift up, raise
sum - be
tantus - so much
superbia - pride
labor - hard word, effort, labor
tuus - your, yours
inanis - fruitless, pointless
per - through, for
annus - year
unus - one
laboro - work, labor
catulus - cub
solus - only
habeo - have
ego - I
fecundus - fruitful, fertile
gratus - welcome, pleasing
homo - person, man
duo - two
quisque - each, every
mensis - month
porto - carry, bear
quattuordecim - fourteen
porcellus - piglet
respondeo - answer, reply
verus - true
sed - but
pario - give birth to, produce
leo - lion
hic - this
fabula - story, fable
exemplum - example, model
verbosus - loud, talkative, verbos
qui - who, which, that
multus - much, many
loquor - speak
inutilis - useless, pointless
sapiens - wise
autem - but, however
paucus - few
contentus - satisfied, content
verbum - word
M0009 Perry257

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Mulier Puerpera et Lectus

Instante partu,
actis mensibus,
mulier humi iacet,
flebiles gemitus ciens.
Vir hortatur,
"Corpus lecto recipe!
In lecto,
onus naturae melius deponis."
Mulier respondet,
"Minime lecto confido.
Malum finiri non potest
in loco illo
quo conceptum est initio."
Fabula docet:
Nemo libenter locum recolit
si in loco eo laesus est.

This story is based on 939. Mulier Puerpera et Lectus.

mulier - woman

puerpera - in labor, delivering a child
et - and
lectus - bed, couch
insto - approach, be close
partus - birth, childbirth
ago - drive, do, conduct
mensis - month
humus - ground, earth
iaceo - stretch out, lie
flebilis - tearful, weeping
gemitus - groan
cio - move, call up, produce
vir - man, husband
hortor - urge, encourage
corpus - body
recipio - receive, take in, bring back
in - in, into
onus - weight, burden
nature - nature
melius - better
depono - put down, place, deposit
respondeo - answer, reply
minime - least of all, not at all
confido - trust, rely on
malus - bad, evil
finio - finish, end
non - no, not
possum - can, be able
locus - place
ille - that, that there
qui - which, that
concipio - derive from, begin, conceive
initio - at the beginning
fabula - story, fable
doceo - teach
nemo - no one, nobody
libenter - gladly, willingly
recolo - cultivate afresh, renew
si - if
is - he/she/it, this
laedo - hurt, injure
M0939 Perry479

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Rana et Hydrus

In quadam palude
hydrus ranam persequitur.
Rana hydrum evadere non potest
et, conversa, ei dicit,
"Noli me devorare, hydre!
Ego nulli umquam nocui."
Hydrus respondet,
"Clamore tuo et minis obstrepis
die noctuque!
Hoc testatur:
tu, rana, maleficum animal es!
Si non noces,
impotentia causa est;
dentes enim non habes."

This story is based on 603. Rana et Hydrus.

rana - frog
et - and
hydrus - watersnake
in - in, into
quidam - a certain, one
palus - swamp, marsh
persequor - follow, pursue
evado - escape, evade
non - no, not
possum - can, be able
et - and
converto - turn around, turn back
nolo - will not, do not, want not
ego - I
devoro - consume, devour
nullus - no one, nothing
umquam - ever
noceo - harm, injure
respondeo - reply, answer
clamor - shout, noise, clamor
tuus - your, yours
mina - threat, menacing words
obstrepo - roar, make a loud noise
dies - day
nox - night (noctu - by night)
que - and (enclitic)
hic - this
testor - bear witness, attest
tu - you
maleficus - wicked, criminal, evil
animal - animal, living being
sum - be
si - if
non - no, not
impotentia - powerlessness
causa - reason, cause, motive
dens - tooth
enim - for, because
habeo - have
M0603 (not in Perry)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Pulex et Abbas

Abbas pulicem capit et dicit,
"Nunc te teneo!
Saepe me punxisti,
a somno excitasti;
numquam te dimittam,
sed statim interficiam."
Pulex respondet,
"Pater sancte,
si me interficere proponis,
pone me in palma tua,
ut libere valeam
peccata mea confiteri.
Post confessionem meam,
poteris me interficere."
Abbas, pietate motus,
pulicem ponit
in medio palmae.
Pulex statim exsilit
et per saltum evadit.
Abbas pulicem fortiter vocat,
sed redire non vult.
Fabula docet:
Sic homines plerique,
in arto positi,
interea promittunt
sed, cum evadunt,
nihil persolvunt.

This story is based on 701. Pulex et Abbas.

pulex - flea
et - and
abbas - abbot
capio - grab, catch
dico - say
nunc - now
tu - you
teneo - hold
saepe - often
ego - I
pungo - prick, pierce, sting
a - from
somnus - sleep
excito - awaken, arouse
numquam - never
tu - you
dimitto - release, let go
sed - but
statim - immediately
interficio - kill
respondeo - reply, answer
pater - father
sanctus - holy, reverend
si - if
propono - propose
quaeso - ask, beg
pono - put, place
in - in, into
palma - palm (of the hand)
tuus - your, yours
ut - so, so that
libere - freely
valeo - be strong, be able
peccatum - sin, mistake
meus - my, mine
confiteor - confess
post - after, following
confessio - confession
possum - can, able
pietas - piety, goodness, pity
moveo - move
medius - middle
exsilio - leap out, jump
et - and
per - through, by means of
saltus - leap
evado - escape
fortiter - strongly, loudly
voco - call, call upon
sed - but
redeo - come back, go back
volo - want, will, wish
fabula - story, fable
doceo - teach
sic - thus
homo - person, man
plerusque - many
artum - narrow space, difficulty
interea - meanwhile
promitto - promise
cum - when
nihil - nothing
persolvo - pay, fulfill
M0701 (not in Perry)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Mus, Feles, et Gallus

Mus instruit filiam suam,
"Noli exire cavernam!"
Filia tamen cavernam exit
et videt gallum,
paleas cum pedibus removentem
et plurimum clamantem.
Haec videns,
valde timet!
Videt etiam felem iuxta caminum,
suaviter appropinquantem.
Quod feles lento gradu ambulat,
mus eam non exspectat,
sed cavernam intrat,
Mater filiam trementem invenit
et ei dicit,
"Quare sic tremis, filia mea?"
Filia respondet,
"Gallum vidi,
quasi diabolum!
Felem quoque vidi,
quasi heremitam."
Mater exclamat,
"Noli timere illum
qui videtur ita malus,
sed cave ab illo
qui videtur sanctus."

This story is based on 205. Mus, Catus, et Gallus.
Feles, Gallus et Mus

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mus - mouse
feles - cat
et - and
gallus - rooster
instruo - prepare, teach, instruct
filia - daughter
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
nolo - not want, do not
exeo - go out
caverna - hole
tamen - but, however
video - see
palea - chaff, straw
cum - with
pes - foot
removeo - move back, move aside
plurimum - much, many, great
clamo - shout, cry out
hoc - this
valde - greatly, strongly, very
timeo - fear, be afraid
etiam - and, also
iuxta - next to
caminus - stove, oven
suaviter - sweetly, pleasantly
appropinquo - approach, draw near
quod - because
lentus - slow, sluggish
gradus - step, pace
ambulo - walk
is - he/she/it
non - no, not
exspecto - wait for
sed - but
intro - enter, go into
tremo - shake, tremble
mater - mother
invenio - find, discover
dico - say
quare - why
sic - thus, in this way
meus - my, mine
respondeo - answer, reply
quasi - just as, like, just like
diabolus - devil
heremita - hermit, monk
exclamo - shout out, exclaim
qui - who, which, that
ita - so, thus
malus - bad, evil
caveo - beware of, be cautious
ab - from
ille - that, that there
sanctus - holy
M0205 Perry716

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Aquila et Mus

Aquila quondam implicita est
dolis caecis laqueorum.
Ubi hoc sentit,
aquila simul impetum facit
et quaerit se expedire.
Ira et furore fortis,
unice hoc agit,
et nil proficit.
Mus aquilae laborem videt
et misertus est.
Abrodit ergo vincula
dente crebro,
et armigeram Iovis vindicat
in libertatem.
At libera illa aquila dicit,
"Res turpissima est
me vitam debere
contemptissimae bestiolae!
Proh Iuppiter!”
Et aqulia liberatorem suum necat.
Fabula docet:
Si humilis summum servat,
piaculum est.

This story is based on 412. Aquila et Mus.

aquila - eagle
quondam - once, once upon a time
implico - involve, entangle
dolus - trick, device, deceit
caecus - blind, dark, hidden
laqueum - snare, trap
ubi - where, when
hoc - this
sentio - feel, be aware of
simul - at the same time, at once
impetus - attack, push, charge
facio - make, do
et - and
quaero - seek, strive
se - reflexive particle
expedio - set free, loose, disengage
ira - anger
furor - rage
fortis - strong
unice - singularly, especially, solely
ago - drive, do, conduct
nil - nothing
proficio - accomplish, effect
mus - mouse
labor - hard work, effort
video - see
misereor - feel pity, show mercy
abrodo - gnaw away, chew off
ergo - therefore
vinculum - chain, bond
dens - tooth
creber - crowded, repeated, constant
armiger - armor bearer, squire
Iuppiter - Jupiter
vindico - claim, set free
in - in, into
libertas - freedom
at - but, on the contrary
liber - free
ille - that
dico - say
res - thing, matter, affair
turpis - shameful, ugly
ego - I, me
vita - life
debeo - owe, ought
contemptus - despised, despicable
bestiola - little creature, critter
proh - oh, ah
liberator - deliverer, liberator
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
neco - kill, slaughter
fabula - story, fable
doceo - teach
si - if
humilis - lowly, humble
summus - greatest, highest, top
servo - save, keep safe, protect
piaculum - sin, crime, expiatory offering
M0412 (not in Perry)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Alauda, Pulli, et Agri Dominus

Alauda pullos suos ponit
in segete
et eos monet,
"Dum absum,
diligenter attendite
praetereuntium sermones de messe!"
Cum mater redit a pastu,
pulli anxii ei dicunt,
"Dominus agri
messis operam vicinis mandat!"
Mater respondet,
"Nihil periculi est."
Item, alio die,
cum mater redit a pastu,
pulli trepidi dicunt,
"Dominus amicos rogat ad metendum!"
Mater iterum iubet,
"Estote securi!
Nihil est periculi."
cum mater redit a pastu,
pulli ei dicunt,
"Dominus ipse et filius eius
postremo mane
cum falce messem intrabunt!"
Mater nunc dicit,
"Iam est tempus!
Dominum enim agri timeo,
quia probe nunc scio:
haec res cordi ei est."

This story is based on 502. Alauda, Pulli, et Agri Dominus.
Alauda et Pulli Eius

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alauda - lark (bird)
pullus - chick
et - and
ager - field
dominus - master
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
pono - put, place
in - in, into
seges - crop, field
is - he/she/it
moneo - warn
dum - while
absum - be away, be atsent
diligenter - carefully
attendo - pay attention
praetereo - pass by, walk by
sermo - speech, talk, words
de - about
messis - harvest, harvest time
cum - when
mater - mother
redeo - come back, return
a - from
pastus - pasture, feeding ground
anxius - nervous, concerned
dico - say, tell
opera - work
vicinus - neighboring, neighbor
mando - entrust, consign, order
respondeo - answer, reply
nihil - nothing
periculum - danger
sum - be, is
item - likewise, similarly
alius - other, another
dies - day
trepidus - scared, fearful
amicus - friend
rogo - ask, ask for, invite
meto - reap, mow, harvest
iterum - again, a second time
iubeo - command
securus - without worry
tertius - third
ipse - (him/her/it)self
filius - son
postremus - next, following
mane - morning, in the morning
cum - with
falx - sickle, scythe
intro - enter, go into, attack
nunc - now
iam - already, now
tempus - time
fugio - flee, run away
enim - for, because
timeo - fear, be afraid
quia - because
probe - well, rightly
scio - know
hic - his
res - affair, matter,
cor - heart, mind

M0502 Perry325

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Graculus et Columbae

Graculus columbas videt
in columbario,
bene nutritas,
et sic cogitat,
"Ego quoque esse volo
eiusdem cibi particeps!
Si me dealbo,
ad columbas me conferre possum!"
Dealbatus ergo graculus
in columbarium intrat, tacens.
Columbae quidem,
eum columbam esse ratae,
apud se recipere non recusant.
Tunc demum, sui oblitus,
graculus vocem emittit!
Columbae, eum cognoscentes,
inter verbera expellunt.
Tum ipse,
cibi obtinendi spe frustratus,
ad graculos, socios suos, redit.
Sed etiam graculi,
eum minime agnoscentes
ob mutatum colorem,
e suo consortio abigunt.
Ita, duorum appetens,
neutrum habet.

This story is based on 452. Graculus et Columbae.
Graculus et Columbae

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graculus - jackdaw
et - and
columba - dove, pigeon
video - see
in - in, into
columbarium - dovecote, pigeon coop
bene - well
nutritus - fed, nourished
sic - thus, so, in this way
cogito - think
ego - I, me
quoque - also
sum - be
volo - want, will
idem - the same
cibus - food
particeps - sharer, partaker
si - if
dealbo - whiten, make white
ad - to, towards
confero - carry, convey, add
possum - can, be able
ergo - therefore
intro - enter, go into
taceo - be silent
quidem - indeed, in fact
is - he/she/it
reor - think, regard
apud - at, at the home of
se - reflexive particle
recipio - accept, receive
non - not
recuso - refuse
tunc - then
demum - at last, finally
obliviscor - forget
vox - voice, sound
emitto - send out, emit
cognosco - know, recognize
inter - amidst, among, during
verber - whipping, beating
expello - drive out, drive away
ipse - (him/her/it)self
obtineo - get hold of, obtain
spes - hope
frustro - disappoint, deceive, fail
socius - ally, comrade, friend
redeo - go back, return
sed - but
etiam - and, even, also
minime - not at all, not
agnosco - acknowledge, recognize
ob - because of, on account of
muto - change, alter
color - color
e - out of, from
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
consortium - partnership, fellowship
abigo - drive away, drive out
ita - thus, so
duo - two
appeto - seek, grasp at, desire
neuter - neither (of two)
habeo - have
M0452 Perry129

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Vespertilio et Merula

Merula cantat noctu,
in cavea, ante fenestram suspensa.
Ad eam advolans,
vespertilio rogat,
"Cur non
potius cantas interdiu?
Noctu acquiscere debes."
Merula respondet,
"Noctu canto,
quia, cantans
prodita et capta sum.
Itaque nunc, malo meo edocta,
noctu canto, et interdiu taceo."
Tum vespertilio dicit,
"Sed tu enim sero caves:
te tacere oportuit
priusquam te apprehenderent."

This story is based on 401. Vespertilio et Merula.
Luscinia et Vespertilio

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Medici Aesop images. On the left you see the first part of the story, where the bird is caught; then on the right, you can see the bat and the bird.

M0401 Perry048

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Canis Villaticus

Canes complures urbani
canem villaticum insequuntur
praecipiti cursu.
Ille fugit,
repugnare non audens.
ad canes insequentes conversus,
ipse subsistit,
dentes quoque ostendens.
Canes urbani pariter subsistunt,
illi appropinquare non audentes.
Tunc imperator exercitūs,
qui ibi forte adest,
ad suos milites conversus, dicit,
hoc spectaculum nos admonet
ne fugiamus,
sint pericula
maiora fugientibus
quam repugnantibus."
This story is based on 352. Canis Villaticus.
Canis Unus Audax

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canis - dog
villaticus - country, rustic
complus - many, a good number
urbanus - city, city-dwelling
insequor - follow, puruse
praeceps - headlong
cursus - race, run
ille - that
fugio - run away, flee
repugno - fight back
non - not
audeo - dare
denique - finally, at last
ad - to, towards
convertor - turn, turn around
ipse - he/she/itself
subsisto - halt, stop
dens - tooth
quoque - also
ostendo - show
pariter - likewise, equally
appropinquo - approach, draw near
tunc - then
imperator - commander, general
exercitus - army, infantry
qui - who, which
ibi - there
forte - by chance
adsum - be present
suus - his/her/its own
miles - soldier
dico - say
commilito - comrade, fellow soldier
hic - this
spectaculum - show
nos - we, us
admoneo - warn, advise
ne - not, so that not, lest
cum - when, since
periculum - danger
maior - greater
quam -than

M0352 (not in Perry)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Mus in Olla

Mus cadit in ollam
iusculi plenam
et operculo carentem.
Adipe suffocatus,
et iam animam exspirans,
mus clamat,
"Edi bibique,
et cibis cunctis me implevi;
mihi tempus est mori."
Fabula docet:
O helluo,
fies tu inter homines
sicut iste mus,

si dulcia quae nocent non respues!

This story is based on 201. Mus in Olla.

mus - mouse
in - in, into
olla - pot, jar
cado - fall
iusculum - broth (from ius)
plenus - full
et - and
operculum - cover, lid
careo - lack
adeps - fat, grease
suffoco - choke
iam - now, already
anima - spirit, life
exspiro - breathe out
clamo - shout, yell
edo - eat
bibo - drink
que - and (enclitic)
cibus - food
cunctus - all, every
ego - I, me
impleo - fill, stuff
tempus - time
morior - die
fabula - fable, story
doceo - teach
O - O, oh
helluo - glutton
fio - become, be made
tu - you
inter - among, between
homo - person, pl. people
sicut - just as, as
iste - that
si - if
dulcis - sweet
qui - which, that
noceo - harm, injure
non - not
respuo - spit out, reject

M0201 Perry167

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Cervus et Hinnulus Eius

Cervus praegrandi corpore est,
et cornua ingentia habet.
Cum per silvas ambulat,
hinnulus ei accedit et dicit,
"Mi pater, pro miraculo mihi est hoc:
tu tam praegrandi corpore es
et cornua tam praeclara habes,
sed latratūs canum exhorrescis."
Cervus hinnulo dicit,
"Mi fili, corpus magnum habeo,
fateor, et cornua comparia,
pusillum sane cor est meum.”
Fabula indicat:
Ignis parvulus
camino magno non sufficit.
This story is based on 153. Cervus et Hinnulus Eius.
Cervus et Hinnulus

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cervus - deer, stag
et - and
hinnulus - fawn
is - he/she/it
praegrandis - very great, large
corpus - body
cornu - horn
ingens - huge
habeo - have
cum - when
per - through
silva - forest, wood
ambulo - walk
accedo - approach
dico - say
meus - my
pater - father
pro - as, for
miraculum - something amazing, astounding
ego - I
sum - be
hic - this
tu - you
tam - so
praeclarus - most excellent, illustrious
sed - but
latratus - barking
canis - dog
exhorresco - shudder at, tremble at
filius - son
magnus - big, great
fateor - confess
compar - equal, matching
pusillus - tiny, petty
sane - truly, however, yes
cor - heart
fabula - story, fable
indico - show, point out
ignis - fire
parvulus - tiny
camino - oven, forge
sufficio - be adequate, suffice

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Leo et Tauri Duo

Leo impetum facit
in duos tauros,
epulas lautas sibi quaerens.
Tauri, coniunctis viribus,
cornua leoni opponunt;
leo ergo irruere non potest
in medios tauros.
Leo tunc sibi dicit,
"Viribus impar sum
tauris illis duobus.
Callide agere debeo!"
Sic altero dicit, et sic altero,
"Si amicum tuum mihi tradis,
ego te dimittam, incolumem."
Hac fraude usus,
leo utrumque necat,
negotio facili.

This story is based on 4. Leo et Tauri Duo.
Leo et Tauri - Osius

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leo - lion
et -
taurus - bull
duo - two
impetus - attack, charge
facio - make, do
in - in, into
epulae - feast, banquet
lautus - elegant, sumptuous
se - reflexive pronoun
quaero - seek
taurus - bull
coniungo - join
vis - strength, force
cornu - horn
oppono - turn against, oppose
ergo - therefore
irruo - rush in, attack
non - not
possum - be able, can
medius - middle, midst
tunc - then
dico - say
impar - unequal
sum - be
ille - that
callide - sneakily, craftily
ago - drive, do, conduct
debeo - must, owe, ought
sic - thus, in this way
alter - another (one...another)
et - and
si - if
amicus - friend
tuus - your
trado - hand over, betray
dimitto - release, let go
incolumis - unharmed
hoc - this
fraus - deceit, trick
utor - use
uterque - both
neco - kill, slaughter
negotium - business
facilis - easy

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Leo et Canis

Canis leoni occurrit
et iocose dicit,
"O leo miser, inedia exhaustus,
quid percurris silvas et devia?
Me specta, pinguem ac nitidum,
atque haec consequor
non labore, sed otio."
Tum leo respondet,
"Habes tu quidem tuas epulas,
vincula etiam stolide habes.
Tu servus esto, qui servire potes;
equidem liber ego sum,
nec servire volo."

This story is based on 1. Leo et Canis.

leo - lion
et - and
canis - dog
occurro - run into
iocose - jokingly
dico - say
O - O, oh
miser - wretched
inedia - hunger, lack of food
exhaustus - drained, exhausted
quid - what, for what reason
percurro - run, run through
silva - forest, wood
devius - out of the way, off the road
ego - I, me
specto - look at
pinguis - fat
nitidus - sleek, shining
atque - and, moreover
hoc - this
consequor - overtake, achieve
non - not
labor - hard work, effort
sed - but
otium - leisure
tum - then
respondeo - answer, reply
habeo - have
tu - you
quidem - indeed
tuus - your
epulae - feast, banquet
vinculum - chain, tie, bond
etiam - and, also, even
stolide - stupidly, foolishly
servus - slave, servant
esto - future imperative of sum
qui - who, which, that
servio - be a slave, serve
possum - can, be able
equidem - truly, for my part
liber - free
nec - and not, nor
volo - want, will

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