Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Rana et Hydrus

In quadam palude
hydrus ranam persequitur.
Rana hydrum evadere non potest
et, conversa, ei dicit,
"Noli me devorare, hydre!
Ego nulli umquam nocui."
Hydrus respondet,
"Clamore tuo et minis obstrepis
die noctuque!
Hoc testatur:
tu, rana, maleficum animal es!
Si non noces,
impotentia causa est;
dentes enim non habes."

This story is based on 603. Rana et Hydrus.

rana - frog
et - and
hydrus - watersnake
in - in, into
quidam - a certain, one
palus - swamp, marsh
persequor - follow, pursue
evado - escape, evade
non - no, not
possum - can, be able
et - and
converto - turn around, turn back
nolo - will not, do not, want not
ego - I
devoro - consume, devour
nullus - no one, nothing
umquam - ever
noceo - harm, injure
respondeo - reply, answer
clamor - shout, noise, clamor
tuus - your, yours
mina - threat, menacing words
obstrepo - roar, make a loud noise
dies - day
nox - night (noctu - by night)
que - and (enclitic)
hic - this
testor - bear witness, attest
tu - you
maleficus - wicked, criminal, evil
animal - animal, living being
sum - be
si - if
non - no, not
impotentia - powerlessness
causa - reason, cause, motive
dens - tooth
enim - for, because
habeo - have
M0603 (not in Perry)

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