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Fabula Facilis: Graculus et Columbae

Graculus columbas videt
in columbario,
bene nutritas,
et sic cogitat,
"Ego quoque esse volo
eiusdem cibi particeps!
Si me dealbo,
ad columbas me conferre possum!"
Dealbatus ergo graculus
in columbarium intrat, tacens.
Columbae quidem,
eum columbam esse ratae,
apud se recipere non recusant.
Tunc demum, sui oblitus,
graculus vocem emittit!
Columbae, eum cognoscentes,
inter verbera expellunt.
Tum ipse,
cibi obtinendi spe frustratus,
ad graculos, socios suos, redit.
Sed etiam graculi,
eum minime agnoscentes
ob mutatum colorem,
e suo consortio abigunt.
Ita, duorum appetens,
neutrum habet.

This story is based on 452. Graculus et Columbae.
Graculus et Columbae

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graculus - jackdaw
et - and
columba - dove, pigeon
video - see
in - in, into
columbarium - dovecote, pigeon coop
bene - well
nutritus - fed, nourished
sic - thus, so, in this way
cogito - think
ego - I, me
quoque - also
sum - be
volo - want, will
idem - the same
cibus - food
particeps - sharer, partaker
si - if
dealbo - whiten, make white
ad - to, towards
confero - carry, convey, add
possum - can, be able
ergo - therefore
intro - enter, go into
taceo - be silent
quidem - indeed, in fact
is - he/she/it
reor - think, regard
apud - at, at the home of
se - reflexive particle
recipio - accept, receive
non - not
recuso - refuse
tunc - then
demum - at last, finally
obliviscor - forget
vox - voice, sound
emitto - send out, emit
cognosco - know, recognize
inter - amidst, among, during
verber - whipping, beating
expello - drive out, drive away
ipse - (him/her/it)self
obtineo - get hold of, obtain
spes - hope
frustro - disappoint, deceive, fail
socius - ally, comrade, friend
redeo - go back, return
sed - but
etiam - and, even, also
minime - not at all, not
agnosco - acknowledge, recognize
ob - because of, on account of
muto - change, alter
color - color
e - out of, from
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
consortium - partnership, fellowship
abigo - drive away, drive out
ita - thus, so
duo - two
appeto - seek, grasp at, desire
neuter - neither (of two)
habeo - have
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