Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Leo et Canis

Canis leoni occurrit
et iocose dicit,
"O leo miser, inedia exhaustus,
quid percurris silvas et devia?
Me specta, pinguem ac nitidum,
atque haec consequor
non labore, sed otio."
Tum leo respondet,
"Habes tu quidem tuas epulas,
vincula etiam stolide habes.
Tu servus esto, qui servire potes;
equidem liber ego sum,
nec servire volo."

This story is based on 1. Leo et Canis.

leo - lion
et - and
canis - dog
occurro - run into
iocose - jokingly
dico - say
O - O, oh
miser - wretched
inedia - hunger, lack of food
exhaustus - drained, exhausted
quid - what, for what reason
percurro - run, run through
silva - forest, wood
devius - out of the way, off the road
ego - I, me
specto - look at
pinguis - fat
nitidus - sleek, shining
atque - and, moreover
hoc - this
consequor - overtake, achieve
non - not
labor - hard work, effort
sed - but
otium - leisure
tum - then
respondeo - answer, reply
habeo - have
tu - you
quidem - indeed
tuus - your
epulae - feast, banquet
vinculum - chain, tie, bond
etiam - and, also, even
stolide - stupidly, foolishly
servus - slave, servant
esto - future imperative of sum
qui - who, which, that
servio - be a slave, serve
possum - can, be able
equidem - truly, for my part
liber - free
nec - and not, nor
volo - want, will

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