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Fabula Facilis: Alauda, Pulli, et Agri Dominus

Alauda pullos suos ponit
in segete
et eos monet,
"Dum absum,
diligenter attendite
praetereuntium sermones de messe!"
Cum mater redit a pastu,
pulli anxii ei dicunt,
"Dominus agri
messis operam vicinis mandat!"
Mater respondet,
"Nihil periculi est."
Item, alio die,
cum mater redit a pastu,
pulli trepidi dicunt,
"Dominus amicos rogat ad metendum!"
Mater iterum iubet,
"Estote securi!
Nihil est periculi."
cum mater redit a pastu,
pulli ei dicunt,
"Dominus ipse et filius eius
postremo mane
cum falce messem intrabunt!"
Mater nunc dicit,
"Iam est tempus!
Dominum enim agri timeo,
quia probe nunc scio:
haec res cordi ei est."

This story is based on 502. Alauda, Pulli, et Agri Dominus.
Alauda et Pulli Eius

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Grandville images. You can see the farmer and his son in the background!

alauda - lark (bird)
pullus - chick
et - and
ager - field
dominus - master
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
pono - put, place
in - in, into
seges - crop, field
is - he/she/it
moneo - warn
dum - while
absum - be away, be atsent
diligenter - carefully
attendo - pay attention
praetereo - pass by, walk by
sermo - speech, talk, words
de - about
messis - harvest, harvest time
cum - when
mater - mother
redeo - come back, return
a - from
pastus - pasture, feeding ground
anxius - nervous, concerned
dico - say, tell
opera - work
vicinus - neighboring, neighbor
mando - entrust, consign, order
respondeo - answer, reply
nihil - nothing
periculum - danger
sum - be, is
item - likewise, similarly
alius - other, another
dies - day
trepidus - scared, fearful
amicus - friend
rogo - ask, ask for, invite
meto - reap, mow, harvest
iterum - again, a second time
iubeo - command
securus - without worry
tertius - third
ipse - (him/her/it)self
filius - son
postremus - next, following
mane - morning, in the morning
cum - with
falx - sickle, scythe
intro - enter, go into, attack
nunc - now
iam - already, now
tempus - time
fugio - flee, run away
enim - for, because
timeo - fear, be afraid
quia - because
probe - well, rightly
scio - know
hic - his
res - affair, matter,
cor - heart, mind

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