Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Pulex et Abbas

Abbas pulicem capit et dicit,
"Nunc te teneo!
Saepe me punxisti,
a somno excitasti;
numquam te dimittam,
sed statim interficiam."
Pulex respondet,
"Pater sancte,
si me interficere proponis,
pone me in palma tua,
ut libere valeam
peccata mea confiteri.
Post confessionem meam,
poteris me interficere."
Abbas, pietate motus,
pulicem ponit
in medio palmae.
Pulex statim exsilit
et per saltum evadit.
Abbas pulicem fortiter vocat,
sed redire non vult.
Fabula docet:
Sic homines plerique,
in arto positi,
interea promittunt
sed, cum evadunt,
nihil persolvunt.

This story is based on 701. Pulex et Abbas.

pulex - flea
et - and
abbas - abbot
capio - grab, catch
dico - say
nunc - now
tu - you
teneo - hold
saepe - often
ego - I
pungo - prick, pierce, sting
a - from
somnus - sleep
excito - awaken, arouse
numquam - never
tu - you
dimitto - release, let go
sed - but
statim - immediately
interficio - kill
respondeo - reply, answer
pater - father
sanctus - holy, reverend
si - if
propono - propose
quaeso - ask, beg
pono - put, place
in - in, into
palma - palm (of the hand)
tuus - your, yours
ut - so, so that
libere - freely
valeo - be strong, be able
peccatum - sin, mistake
meus - my, mine
confiteor - confess
post - after, following
confessio - confession
possum - can, able
pietas - piety, goodness, pity
moveo - move
medius - middle
exsilio - leap out, jump
et - and
per - through, by means of
saltus - leap
evado - escape
fortiter - strongly, loudly
voco - call, call upon
sed - but
redeo - come back, go back
volo - want, will, wish
fabula - story, fable
doceo - teach
sic - thus
homo - person, man
plerusque - many
artum - narrow space, difficulty
interea - meanwhile
promitto - promise
cum - when
nihil - nothing
persolvo - pay, fulfill
M0701 (not in Perry)

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