Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Mustela et Lima

Mustela in officinam fabri aerarii intrat.
Lima ibi iacet,
et mustela limam circumlambit.
Mustelae lingua dilacerata est,
et multus eius sanguis effluit.
Mustela tamen oblectata est, putans,
"Aliquid ex ferro avellere possum!"
Tandem omnino linguam amittit.
Haec fabula eos castigat,
qui, contentionum cupidi,
sibimet ipsis nocent.

This story is based on 194. Mustela et Lima.

Mustela et Lima

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Medici Aesop images. I wish there were larger scans available of these Medici images - but the weasel is indeed licking the file there!

mustela - weasel
et - and
lima - file (for working metal)
in - in, into
officina - workshop
faber - worker, smith
aerarius - bronze, copper
intro - enter, go into
ibi - there, in that place
iaceo - lie, be situated
circumlambo - lick all around
lingua - tongue
dilacero - tear to pieces, tear up
multus - much
is - he/she/it
sanguis - blood
effluo - flow out
tamen - but, however
oblectatus - delighted
puto - think, reckon
aliquis - someone, something
ex - from, out from, out of
ferrum - iron
avello - take away from, wrest
possum - can, be able
tandem - finally, at last
omnino - completely
lingua - tongue
amitto - lose
hic - this, this one
fabula - story, tale, fable
castigo - chide, rebuke, criticize
qui - who, which, that
contentio - strife, struggle, controversy
cupidus - desirous, craving, yearning
se - reflexive personal pronoun
ipse - (he/her/it)self
noceo - harm, injure

M0194 Perry059

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Hirundo et Corvus

De formositate certamen est
inter hirundinem et corvum.
Corvus hirundini exprobrat, dicens,
"Formam tuam conspici non potest,
nisi veris tempore,
hieme autem
non potest resistere frigori."
Hirundine nihil respondente,
corvus addit,
"Meum vero corpus
et frigori hieme
et calori aestate par est."

This story is based on 485. Hirundo et Corvus.
Hirundo et Corvus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Patousas images.

hirundo - swallow (bird)
et - and
corvus - crow
de - about, concerning
formositas - shapeliness, beauty
certamen - contest, struggle
sum - be, exist
inter - between, among
exprobro - reproach, chide
dico - say, speak
forma - shape, beauty
tuus - your, yours
conspicio - see, observe
non - no, not
possum - can, be able
nisi - unless, except
ver - spring, springtime
tempus - time
hiems - winter
autem - but, however
resisto - oppose, resist, withstand
frigus - cold
nihil - nothing
respondeo - answer, reply
addo - add, say in addition
meus - my, mine
vero - truly, indeed
corpus - body
calor - heat, warmth
par - equal
M0485 Perry229

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Lupus Monachus

Lupus senex fit,
et venari amplius non potest.
Sumit ergo monachi habitum,
religioni se addicens.
Hoc modo,
cibum ostiatim mendicat.
Alius lupum eum reprehendit,
"Quid facis tu,
monachi habitum sumens
et cibum ostiatim mendicans?"
Lupus monachus respondet,
"Sententia tua,
quid facere possum?
Dentes decidunt,
currere non valeo:
aliter vivere posse diffido."

This story is based on 100. Lupus Monachus.

Here is an image for the story (image source) show the wolf as a would-be monk.
lupus - wolf
senex - old
fio - become, be made
et - and
venor - hunt
amplius - greater, further, more
non - not, no
possum - can, be able
sumo - take up, assume
habitus - condition, expression, dress
religio - religion, worship
se - reflexive pronoun
addico - award, assign, enslave
hic - this
modus - way, manner, limit
cibus - food
ostiatim - door-to-door
mendico - beg
alius - other, another
is - he/she/it
reprehendo - hold back, blame
dico - say, speak
quis - what
facio - do, make
tu - you
respondeo - answer, reply
sententia - opinion, impression
tuus - your, yours
dens - tooth
decido - fall down, fall out
curro - run
valeo - be strong, be capable
aliter - in another way, otherwise
vivo - live, make a living
diffido - despair, lack confidence
M0100 (not in Perry)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Taurus et Culex

Culex tauri cornu occupat,
"Volo te deprimere onere meo!"
Sed taurus culicem neglegit.
Extremis viribus exploratis,
culex avolare cupit,
et tauro dicit,
"Si molestus sum tibi,
te levabo onere meo,
Taurus respondet,
"Te non sensi accedentem,
nec sentio te rursus abientem."

This story is based on 292. Taurus et Culex.

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Milo Winter images. You'll have to look hard to find the little gnat!

culex - gnat
taurus - bull
cornu - horn
occupo - seize, attack, occupy
dico - say, speak
volo - want, will, wish
tu - you
deprimo - keep down, force down
onus - weight, burden
meus - my, mine
sed - but
neglego - neglect, ignore
extremus - outer, utmost, greatest
vis - strength, power, force
exploro - test, try out, search out
avolo - fly away, fly off
cupio - desire, wish
et - and
si - if
molestus - annoying, tiresome
sum - be, exist
levo - release, lighten, lessen
respondeo - answer, reply
non - not, no
sentio - feel, be aware
accedo - come near, approach
nec - and not, nor
rursus - again
abeo - go away

M0292 Perry137

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Formica Alata

Formica sortem suam conqueritur,
"Sum malis innumeris obnoxia,
et semper timeo!
Rustici planta gravis
me conterere potest,
et perdices
me, escam iucundam,
comedere volunt!"
Tunc Deum orat,
"O Iuppiter,
mihi concede alas,
et periculis tantis
caput incolume eripere potero!"
Iuppiter motus est
formicae querela pervicaci,
et alas concedit bestiae imprudenti.
Formica ergo
munere novo gaudet
et levis per auras alis se tollit.
At simul hirundo eam adspicit!
Avis famelica in eam devolat,
et, rapido impetu,
necopinantem vorat.
Fabula docet:
Deus, dum annuit,
stulte appetentes plectit.

This story is based on 651. Formica Alata.

formica - ant
alatus - winged, equipped with wings
sors - lot, lot in life, fate
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
conqueror - complain, lament
dico - say, speak
sum - be, exist
malus - bad, evil, wicked
innumerus - countless, innumerable
obnoxius - liable, exposed to
et - and
semper - always
timeo - be afraid
rusticus - farmer, country person
planta - plant, sole, foot
gravis - heavy
ego - I, me
contero - grind down, crush
perdix - partridge
esca - food
iucundus - pleasant
comedo - eat, consume
volo - want, wish, will
tunc - then
deus - god
oro - pray, beg
O - O! oh!
Iuppiter - Jupiter
concedo - grant, bestow
ala - wing
periculum - danger, peril
tantus - so great
caput - head, life
incolumis - unharmed, safe
eripio - snatch, grab, rescue
possum - can, be able
moveo - move
querela - complaint
pervicax - stubborn, insistant, firm
bestia - animal, beast
imprudens - foolish, reckless, unaware
ergo - therefore
munus - gift
novus - new
gaudeo - rejoice, be happy
levis - light
per - through
aura - breeze
se - reflexive pronoun
tollo - lift, raise, remove
at - but, on the other hand
simul - at the same time
hirundo - swallow (bird)
is - he/she/it
adspicio - see, observe, look at
avis - bird
famelicus - hungry
in - in, into
devolo - fly down, swoop
rapidus - swift, rapid
impetus - rush, onrush, attack
necopinas - unawares, not expecting
voro - devour, gobble up
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
dum - while
annuo - nod, nod assent, agree
stulte - foolishly, stupidly
appeto - seek, grasp, desire
plecto - beat, punish, buffet
M0651 (not in Perry)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Asinus Leoni Cantans

Leo, rex animalium,
semel quaerit sibi ministros.
Leo dicit,
"Quaero servos,
qui mihi servire possunt
in diversis officiis."
Asinus se ingerit in leonis curiam
et dicit,
"Ego cantare optime scio!"
Leo respondet,
Tunc asinus os suum aperit,
et horribiliter rudit.
Leo dicit,
"Miser es tu, et mendax:
sonus tuus horribilis est!
A somno potius me excitabis;
me dormire autem numquam facies.
Exi cito de curia mea!"

This story is based on 232. Asinus Leoni Cantans.

asinus - donkey
leo - lion
canto - sing
rex - king
animal - animal, beast
semel - once
quaero - seek, look for
se - reflexive pronoun
minister - servant, attendant, aide
dico - say, speak
servus - servant, slave
qui - who, which, that
ego - I, me
servio - be a servant to, serve
possum - can, be able
in - in, into
diversus - various
officium - duty, office
ingero - carry in, force in
curia - court
et - and
optimus - best, excellent
scio - know, know how to
respondeo - answer, reply
audio - listen, hear
tunc - then
os - mouth
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
aperio - ope
horribiliter - horribly, terribly
rudo - bellow, bray, roar
miser - wretched, unfortunate
sum - be, exist
tu - you
mendax - false, lying, liar
sonus - sound
tuus - your, yours
horribilis - horrible, terrible
a - from
somnus - sleep
potius - rather, more
excito - wake up, rouse
dormio - sleep
autem - however, but
numquam - never
facio - do, make
exeo - go out, get out
cito - swiftly, quickly
de - from
meus - my, mine
M0232 (not in Perry)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Olores et Anseres

Olores et anseres
amici inter se sunt.
Quondam exeunt in campos.
Oloribus et anseribus
coniunctim pascentibus,
superveniunt venatores.
Olores evolant
et tuto evadunt periculum,
corporis celeritatis gratiā.
Anseres autem,
naturā tardiores,
deserti ab amicis,
in venatorum manus incidunt.
Haec fabula eos arguit
qui amicos suos non adiuvant
totis viribus,
sed produnt in periculis.

This story is based on 536. Olores et Anseres.

olor - swan
et - and
anser - goose
amicus - friendly, friend
inter - betwee, among
se - reflexive pronoun
quondam - once, once upon a time
exeo - go out, go
in - in, into
campus - field
coniunctim - together, jointly
pascor - feed on, graze
supervenio - come up, arrive
venator - hunter
evolo - fly off, fly away
tuto - safely
evado - escape, evade
periculum - danger
corpus - body
celeritas - swiftness, speed
gratia - credit, favor, thanks
autem - however, but
natura - nature
tardus - slow, late
desero - leave, desert, abandon
ab - by
manus - hand
incido - fall into, fall in with
hic - this
fabula - tale, story, fable
is - he/she/it
arguo - argue, prove, blame
qui - who, which, that
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
non - no, not
adiuvo - help
totus - all, entire
vis - strength, force
sed - but
prodo - bring forth, betray, abandon
M0536 Perry228

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Muli et Latrones

Eunt muli duo, sarcinis onusti.
Alter fiscos cum pecunia fert,
alter saccos hordei.
Ille, onere superbiens,
celsam cervicem iactat
et clarum tintinnabulum in collo gerit. Comes placido gradu sequitur.
latrones ex insidiis advolant!
Mulum ille, qui argentum fert,
ferro vulnerant,
mulorum agasones fugant,
et nummos diripiunt,
alterius muli hordeum neglegunt.
Mulus ille, spoliatus et vulneratus,
casum suum deflet.
Mulus alter ei dicit,
"Equidem gaudeo,
quod latrones me contemnunt.
Ego nihil amisi
neque vulneratus sum."

This story is based on 252. Muli et Latrones.
Muli Duo

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Grandville images. This is one of Grandville's marvelously anthropomorphic illustrations!
mulus - mule
et - and
latro - thief, robber
eo - go
duo - two
sarcina - bundle, pack
onustus - burdened
alter - the other
fiscus - money-bag, pursue
cum - with, together with
pecunia - money
fero - carry, bear
saccus - sack, bag
hordeum - barley
ille - that one
onus - weight, burden
superbio - feel proud, boast,
celsus - high
cervix - neck
iacto - toss, toss up, throw
et - and
clarus - clear, bright, loud
tintinnabulum - bell
in - in, into
collum - neck, throat
gero - bear, carry, wear
comes - companion, comrade
placidus - calm, undisturbed
gradus - pace, step
sequor - follow
subito - suddenly, unexpectedly
ex - from, of, out of
insidiae - ambush
advolo - fly up to, hurry towards
qui - who, which, that
argentum - silver
ferrum - iron, iron sword
vulnero - wound
agaso - driver
fugo - chase away, put to flight
nummus - coin, money
diripio - plunder, pillage, seize
sed - but
neglego - disregard, neglect, scorn
spoliatus - stripped
casus - fall, downfall, chance
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
defleo - bewail, lament, mourn
dico - say, speak
equidem - truly, indeed
gaudeo - rejoice, be happy
quod - because
ego - I, me
contemno - scorn, disdain, despise
nihil - nothing
amitto - lose, part with
neque - and not, nor
sum - be, exist
M0252 Perry491

Fabula Facilis: Quercus et Iuppiter

Quercūs Iovem accusant, dicentes,
"Nos quidem
vitam miserrimam ducimus,
nam violenter caedimur
prae aliis arboribus universis."
At Iuppiter respondet,
"Vosmet ipsae
huiusce calamitatis causa estis,
quod manubria lignea
securibus hominum fertis!
Si secures manubriis carerent,
vos caedere homines non possent."
Fabula docet:
Stulte accusant Deum,
qui suorum malorum causa sibi sunt.

This story is based on 705. Quercus et Iuppiter.
Arbores et Securis

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Gole images. The image does not show Jupiter and the trees; instead, it shows the central problem: the trees give the man a handle for his axe!
quercus - oak
et - and
Iuppiter - Jupiter
accuso - accuse, blame, find fault
dico - say
nos - we, us
quidem - indeed
vita - life
miser - wretched, unhappy
duco - lead, conduct
nam - for, because
violenter - violenty
caedo - chop, cut down
prae - before, in front of, in comparison to
alius - other, another
arbor - tree
universus - all
at - but, on the other hand
respondeo - answer, reply
vos - you (plural); vosmet, emphatic
ipse - (him/her/it)self
hic - this; hicce, emphatic
calamitas - disaster
causa - cause, reason
sum - be, exist
quod - because
manubrium - handle
ligneus - wooden
securis - axe
homo - person, man
fero - bear, offer
si - if
careo - lack
non - not, no
possum - can, be able
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
stulte - foolishly, stupidly
deus - god
qui - who, which, that
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
malus - bad, wicked, evil
se - reflexive pronoun
M0705 Perry302

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Castor et Venator

Castor est animal
in paludibus sese nutriens.
Eius testiculi
variis medelis utiles sunt.
cum venatores eum sequuntur,
castor causam non ignorat.
Fugit ad speluncam ubi,
ab hominum conspectu
et canum odoratu securus,
testiculos dentibus exscindit
et relinquit
venatoribus appropinquantibus.
Hoc pacto
castor se praestat securum.
Fabula docet:
si a periculis se eripere vult,
nihil intentatum relinquit.

This story is based on 191. Castor et Venator.
Castor  (1531)

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Alciato images.

castor - beaver
et - and
venator - hunter
sum - be, exist
animal - animal
in - in, into
palus - swamp
se - reflexive pronoun
nutrio - nourish, feed, raise
is - he/she/it
testiculus - testicle
varius - diverse, various
medela - cure
utilis - useful, beneficial
itaque - so, thefore
cum - when
sequor - follow
causa - reason, cause
non - not, no
ignoro - be unaware, ignorant
fugio - flee, run away
ad - towards, to
spelunca - cave
ubi - where
ab - from
homo - person, man
conspectus - sight
et - and
canis - dog
odoratus - smell
securus - safe, without worry
relinquo - leave, leave behind, abandon
appropinquo - approach
hic - this
pactum - bargain, manner
praesto - exhibit, keep
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
sapiens - wise
si - if
periculum - danger
eripio - snatch, take, rescue
volo - want, will, wish
nihil - nothing
intentatus - untried
M0191 Perry118

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Sanctus Petrus et Rusticus

Asinus cuiusdam rustici
in fimum cadit.
Rusticus supra herbam discumbit,
et clamat,
"Petre, succurre asino meo!"
Petrus percutit rusticum,
et ei dicit,
"Surge, piger!
asino tuo appone manum;
tunc te adiuvabo."

This story is based on 805. Sanctus Petrus et Rusticus.

sanctus - holy, saint
Petrus - Peter
et - and
rusticus - peasant, farmer
asinus - donkey
quidam - a certain, one, a
in - in, into
fimus - manure, dung
cado - fall
supra - over, on top of
herba - grass
discumbo - lie down, recline
clamo - shout
succurro - run to help, come to the aid of
meus - my, mine
percutio - strike, beat
is - he/she/it
dico - say, tell
surgo - rise up, get up
piger - lazy
primo - first, in the first place
appono - apply, put
manus - hand
tunc - then, at that time
tu - you
adiuvo - help
M0805 (not in Perry)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Aranea et Hirundo

Aranea in hirundinem excandescit:
"Hirundinem odi!
Capit muscas,
quas comedo ego!"
Aranea igitur
retia in foribus suspendit,
ubi hirundo volitare solet.
Aranea sibi dicit,
"Hoc modo,
hirundinem capere possum!"
Hirundo advolat,
sed retia hirundinem non capiunt:
hirundo retia per aera portat,
cum aranea textrice!
Tunc aranea,
in aere pendens, dicit,
"Sane intellego:
iamiam peritura sum,
et iuste haec patior!
Ego, magno labore,
volatilia minima vix capio,
aves vero tam magnas
numquam comprehendere possum."

This story is based on 662. Aranea et Hirundo.

Aranea et Hirundo

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Billinghurst images.
aranea - spider
et - and
hirundo - swallow (bird)
in - in, into
excandesco - catch fire, burn with anger
odi - hate
capio - grab, catch
musca- fly (insect)
qui - who, which, that
comedo - eat, consume
ego - I
rete - net, web
foris - door, fate
suspendo - hang, suspend
ubi - where
volito - fly, flutter, flitter
soleo - be in the habit of, be accustomed to
se - reflexive pronoun
dico - say
hic - this
modus - measure, manner, way
possum - can, be able
advolo - fly to, fly into
sed - but
non - not, no
per - through
aer - air
porto - carry
cum - with, together with
textrix - weaver
tunc - then
pendeo - hang, hang down
sane - certainly, truly, of course
intellego - understand
iamiam - now, already
pereo - perish, die
et - and
iuste - rightly, with good reason
patior - suffer, undergo
magnus - great, large, big
labor - work, effort, hard work
volatilis - flying, something that flies
minimus - small, tiny
vix - scarcely, barely
avis - bird
vero - in fact
tam - so
numquam - never
comprehendo - grasp, grab, seize
possum - be able, can
M0662 (not in Perry)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Galerita Laqueo Capta

Galerita laqueo capta est.
Plorans clamat,
"Heu me miseram,
atque infelicissimam avem!
Aurum nemini surripui,
nec argentum,
nec quidquam aliud pretiosum,
sed parvum tritici granum
mortis mihi causa fuit."

This story is based on 505. Galerita Laqueo Capta.
Alauda in Laqueo

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Griset images. The mouse is not part of the Latin fable, but you can imagine a mouse passing by and asking the lark what happened, and the lark making her sad reply.
galerita - crested lark
laqueus - trap, snare
capio - capture, seize
ploro - cry, cry out, weep
clamo - shout
heu - alas
ego - I, me
miser - wretched, unfortunate
atque - and
infelix - unhappy, unlucky
avis - bird
aurum - gold
nemo - nobody, no one
surripio - steal, take away secretly
nec - and not, nor
argentum - silver
quidquam - anything
alius - other, another
pretiosus - costly, expensive, precious
sed - but
parvus - small, tiny
triticum - wheat
granum - grain, kernel
mors - death
causa - reason, cause
sum - be, exist

M0505 Perry251

Friday, September 02, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Tubicen Captus

Tubicen ab hostibus captus est.
Eis clamat,
"Nolite me interficere;
nam inermis sum,
neque quidquam habeo
praeter hanc tubam."
At hostes respondent,
"Propter hoc ipsum,
interficere debemus:
tu ipse pugnare non potes,
sed alios incitare soles
ad pugnam."

This story is based on 864. Tubicen Captus.
Tubicen Captivus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Crane images.

tubicen - trumpeter
capio - catch, grab, seize
ab - by
hostis - enemy
is - he/she/it
clamo - shout
nolo - not, do not, will not
ego - I
interficio - kill
nam - for, because
inermis - unarmed, defenseless
sum - be
neque - nor, neither, and not
quidquam - anything
habeo - have
praeter - except
hic - this
tuba - trumpet
at - but
respondeo - answer, reply
propter - on account of, because of
ipse - (him/her/it)self
tu - you
debeo - must, be obliged
pugno - fight
non - no, not
possum - can, be able
sed - not
alius - other, another
incito - urge, inspire, arouse
soleo - be in the habit, usually do
ad - to, toward
M0864 Perry370