Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Sanctus Petrus et Rusticus

Asinus cuiusdam rustici
in fimum cadit.
Rusticus supra herbam discumbit,
et clamat,
"Petre, succurre asino meo!"
Petrus percutit rusticum,
et ei dicit,
"Surge, piger!
asino tuo appone manum;
tunc te adiuvabo."

This story is based on 805. Sanctus Petrus et Rusticus.

sanctus - holy, saint
Petrus - Peter
et - and
rusticus - peasant, farmer
asinus - donkey
quidam - a certain, one, a
in - in, into
fimus - manure, dung
cado - fall
supra - over, on top of
herba - grass
discumbo - lie down, recline
clamo - shout
succurro - run to help, come to the aid of
meus - my, mine
percutio - strike, beat
is - he/she/it
dico - say, tell
surgo - rise up, get up
piger - lazy
primo - first, in the first place
appono - apply, put
manus - hand
tunc - then, at that time
tu - you
adiuvo - help
M0805 (not in Perry)

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