Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Lupus Monachus

Lupus senex fit,
et venari amplius non potest.
Sumit ergo monachi habitum,
religioni se addicens.
Hoc modo,
cibum ostiatim mendicat.
Alius lupum eum reprehendit,
"Quid facis tu,
monachi habitum sumens
et cibum ostiatim mendicans?"
Lupus monachus respondet,
"Sententia tua,
quid facere possum?
Dentes decidunt,
currere non valeo:
aliter vivere posse diffido."

This story is based on 100. Lupus Monachus.

Here is an image for the story (image source) show the wolf as a would-be monk.
lupus - wolf
senex - old
fio - become, be made
et - and
venor - hunt
amplius - greater, further, more
non - not, no
possum - can, be able
sumo - take up, assume
habitus - condition, expression, dress
religio - religion, worship
se - reflexive pronoun
addico - award, assign, enslave
hic - this
modus - way, manner, limit
cibus - food
ostiatim - door-to-door
mendico - beg
alius - other, another
is - he/she/it
reprehendo - hold back, blame
dico - say, speak
quis - what
facio - do, make
tu - you
respondeo - answer, reply
sententia - opinion, impression
tuus - your, yours
dens - tooth
decido - fall down, fall out
curro - run
valeo - be strong, be capable
aliter - in another way, otherwise
vivo - live, make a living
diffido - despair, lack confidence
M0100 (not in Perry)

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