Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Taurus et Culex

Culex tauri cornu occupat,
"Volo te deprimere onere meo!"
Sed taurus culicem neglegit.
Extremis viribus exploratis,
culex avolare cupit,
et tauro dicit,
"Si molestus sum tibi,
te levabo onere meo,
Taurus respondet,
"Te non sensi accedentem,
nec sentio te rursus abientem."

This story is based on 292. Taurus et Culex.

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Milo Winter images. You'll have to look hard to find the little gnat!

culex - gnat
taurus - bull
cornu - horn
occupo - seize, attack, occupy
dico - say, speak
volo - want, will, wish
tu - you
deprimo - keep down, force down
onus - weight, burden
meus - my, mine
sed - but
neglego - neglect, ignore
extremus - outer, utmost, greatest
vis - strength, power, force
exploro - test, try out, search out
avolo - fly away, fly off
cupio - desire, wish
et - and
si - if
molestus - annoying, tiresome
sum - be, exist
levo - release, lighten, lessen
respondeo - answer, reply
non - not, no
sentio - feel, be aware
accedo - come near, approach
nec - and not, nor
rursus - again
abeo - go away

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