Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Quercus et Iuppiter

Quercūs Iovem accusant, dicentes,
"Nos quidem
vitam miserrimam ducimus,
nam violenter caedimur
prae aliis arboribus universis."
At Iuppiter respondet,
"Vosmet ipsae
huiusce calamitatis causa estis,
quod manubria lignea
securibus hominum fertis!
Si secures manubriis carerent,
vos caedere homines non possent."
Fabula docet:
Stulte accusant Deum,
qui suorum malorum causa sibi sunt.

This story is based on 705. Quercus et Iuppiter.
Arbores et Securis

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Gole images. The image does not show Jupiter and the trees; instead, it shows the central problem: the trees give the man a handle for his axe!
quercus - oak
et - and
Iuppiter - Jupiter
accuso - accuse, blame, find fault
dico - say
nos - we, us
quidem - indeed
vita - life
miser - wretched, unhappy
duco - lead, conduct
nam - for, because
violenter - violenty
caedo - chop, cut down
prae - before, in front of, in comparison to
alius - other, another
arbor - tree
universus - all
at - but, on the other hand
respondeo - answer, reply
vos - you (plural); vosmet, emphatic
ipse - (him/her/it)self
hic - this; hicce, emphatic
calamitas - disaster
causa - cause, reason
sum - be, exist
quod - because
manubrium - handle
ligneus - wooden
securis - axe
homo - person, man
fero - bear, offer
si - if
careo - lack
non - not, no
possum - can, be able
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
stulte - foolishly, stupidly
deus - god
qui - who, which, that
suus - reflexive possessive pronoun
malus - bad, wicked, evil
se - reflexive pronoun
M0705 Perry302

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