Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Aquila et Mus

Aquila quondam implicita est
dolis caecis laqueorum.
Ubi hoc sentit,
aquila simul impetum facit
et quaerit se expedire.
Ira et furore fortis,
unice hoc agit,
et nil proficit.
Mus aquilae laborem videt
et misertus est.
Abrodit ergo vincula
dente crebro,
et armigeram Iovis vindicat
in libertatem.
At libera illa aquila dicit,
"Res turpissima est
me vitam debere
contemptissimae bestiolae!
Proh Iuppiter!”
Et aqulia liberatorem suum necat.
Fabula docet:
Si humilis summum servat,
piaculum est.

This story is based on 412. Aquila et Mus.

aquila - eagle
quondam - once, once upon a time
implico - involve, entangle
dolus - trick, device, deceit
caecus - blind, dark, hidden
laqueum - snare, trap
ubi - where, when
hoc - this
sentio - feel, be aware of
simul - at the same time, at once
impetus - attack, push, charge
facio - make, do
et - and
quaero - seek, strive
se - reflexive particle
expedio - set free, loose, disengage
ira - anger
furor - rage
fortis - strong
unice - singularly, especially, solely
ago - drive, do, conduct
nil - nothing
proficio - accomplish, effect
mus - mouse
labor - hard work, effort
video - see
misereor - feel pity, show mercy
abrodo - gnaw away, chew off
ergo - therefore
vinculum - chain, bond
dens - tooth
creber - crowded, repeated, constant
armiger - armor bearer, squire
Iuppiter - Jupiter
vindico - claim, set free
in - in, into
libertas - freedom
at - but, on the contrary
liber - free
ille - that
dico - say
res - thing, matter, affair
turpis - shameful, ugly
ego - I, me
vita - life
debeo - owe, ought
contemptus - despised, despicable
bestiola - little creature, critter
proh - oh, ah
liberator - deliverer, liberator
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
neco - kill, slaughter
fabula - story, fable
doceo - teach
si - if
humilis - lowly, humble
summus - greatest, highest, top
servo - save, keep safe, protect
piaculum - sin, crime, expiatory offering
M0412 (not in Perry)

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