Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fabula Facilis: Rusticus et Coluber

Coluber in alta nive iacet.
Frigore prope enectus est.
Rusticus colubrum reperit.
Misericors, domum fert.
Rusticus colubrum ad focum adiicit.
Coluber ab igni vires et virus recipit.
Calefactus, flammam amplius non fert.
Sibilando, coluber totum tugurium inficit.
Rusticus sudem corripit et accurit.
Cum colubro iniuriam expostulat,
verbis et verberibus.
Rusticus ei dicit,
"Bestia ingratissima!
Vitam mihi eripere vis,
sed vitam tuam mihi debes!"

This story is based on 829. Rusticus et Coluber.
rusticus et coluber

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rusticus - country man, farmer
et - and
coluber - snake
in - in, into
altus - tall, deep
nix - snow
iaceo - lie, be stretched out
frigus - cold, cold weather
prope - near, nearly, close
enico - kill, kill off
reperio - find
misericors - merciful
domus - house, home
fero - carry, bear
ad - to, towards
focus - fireplace
adiicio - throw, throw at
ab - from, by
ignis - fire
vis - strength, power
virus - poison
recipio - receive, get back
calefactus - made warm, warmed
flamma - flame
amplius - longer, more
non - not, no
sibilo - whisper, hiss
totus - all, whole
tugurium - cottage
inficio - infect, imbue, poison
sudis - log, stake
corripio - snatch up
accuro - run to, run towards
cum - with, together wit
iniuria - injury, wrongdoing
expostulo - complain, remonstrate
verbum - word
verber - lash, whip
is - he/she/it
dico - speak, say
bestia - beast, creature
ingratus - ungrateful
vita - life
ego - I, me
eripio - snatch away, steal
volo - want, will, wish
sed - but
tuus - your, yours
debeo - owe, ought, must
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