Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Lupus et Pastor, Compatres

Paterfamilias habet duodecim oves.
Vult peregrinari
et commendat oves suas lupo;
lupus compater eius est.
Lupus iurat,
"Bene conservabo oves tuas,
o compater!"
Paterfamilias abit.
Lupus interim cogitat de ovibus.
Primo die comedit de una ove,
altero die de alia ove,
et quando reversus est,
paterfamilias clamat,
"Ubi sunt oves meae duodecim?
Vix tres oves nunc invenio!"
Quaerit a lupo,
"Quid mihi dicis de aliis ovibus?"
Respondet lupus,
"Mors venit super oves,
ex temporalitate."
Et dicit paterfamilias,
"Da mihi pelles!"
Ita paterfamilias videt
vestigia dentium lupi,
et dicit lupo,
"Reus es mortis!"
Et paterfamilias lupum suspendit!

This story is based on 81. Lupus et Pastor, Compatres.
Lupus Familiaris et Pastor (1)

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lupus - wolf
et - and
pastor - shepherd
compater - fellow, godfather
paterfamilias - head of the household
habeo - have
duodecim - twelve
ovis - sheep
volo - want, wish, will
peregrinor - make a journey, go abroad
commendo - give in trust, commit, commend
suus - reflexive possessive adjective
is - he/she/it
sum - be, exist
iuro - swear
bene - well, rightly
conservo - keep safe, save
tuus - your, yours
o - o! oh!
abeo - go away
interim - meanwhile
cogito - think
de - about, concerning, of
primus - first
dies - day
comedo - eat, consume
unus - one
alter - another, second, other
alius - other, another
quando - when
revertor - return, come back
clamo - shout
ubi - where
meus - my, mine
vix - scarcely, barely
tres - three
nunc - now
invenio - find, come upon
quaero - ask, inquire
a - from
quid - what
ego - I, me
dico - speak, say
respondeo - answer, reply
mors - death
super - over, upon
ex - from, out of, of
temporalitas - temporariness, suddenness
do - give
pellis - skin, hide, pelt
ita - so, in this way, thus
vestigium - track, trace, footprint
dens - tooth
reus - liable, guilty
suspendo - hang up, hang
M0081 (not in Perry)

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