Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Milvus Aegrotans

Milvus aegrotat periculose,
et remedia nil efficiunt.
Accersiti sunt medici, sed frustra.
Medici milvo dicunt,
"Dispone in ordine res tuas!"
Milvus tandem, moriturus,
matrem vocat et ei dicit,
"O mater,
in medicis humanis
spes nulla salutis est!
Deos precari debes tu
pro mea valetudine."
Mater respondet incunctanter,
"O fili, ex deorum parte
nihil tibi sperare potes;
nec in nomine tuo,
nec in causa tua
Diis supplicare possum:
sacra enim et aras eorum
toties rapinis violasti!"

This story is based on 425. Milvus Aegrotans.
Milvus Aegrotus

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milvus - kite (bird)
aegroto - be sick, ill
periculosus - dangerous, perilous
et - and
remedium - remedy, cure, medicine
nil - nothing
efficio - accomplish, effect
medicus - doctor, physician
sed - but
frustra - in vain, fruitlessly
dico - say, speak
dispono - arrange, order
in - in, into
ordo - order, arrangement
res - affair, business
tuus - your, yours
tandem - finally
morior - die
mater - mother
voco - call out, call upon
is - he/she/it
O - o! oh!
humanus - human
spes - hope
nullus - none, not any
salus - health, salvation
sum - be, exist
deus - god
precor - pray, beg, ask
debes - should, must
tu - you
pro - for, in exchange for
meus - my, mine
valetudo - health
respondeo - answer, reply
iunctanter - instantly
filius - son, child
ex - from, out from,
pars - part
nihil - nothing
spero - hope, hope for
possum - can, be able
nec - and not, nor
nomen - name
tuus - your, yours
causa - cause, case
supplico - pray, beseech
sacer - holy, sacred
enim - because, for
et - and, also, even
ara - altar
toties - so many times
rapina - plunder, booty, robbery
violo - dishonor, outrage, violate
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