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Fabula Facilis: Capra et Caprarius

Capra a grege longius aberrat.
Caprarius eam rursus congregare vult.
Voces eius nihil proficiunt.
Fistulae sonitus nihil proficit.
Caprarius denique lapidem mittit,
et caprae cornu forte percutit.
Caprarius, territus, rogat,
"Noli apud dominum me deferre!"
At capra dicit,
"Caprarie amentissime,
cornu sonabit,
etiamsi ego taceam."

This story is based on 318. Capra et Caprarius.
Caprarius, Caper et Cornu Eius

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capra - goat, she-goat
caprarius - goatherd
a - from, away from
grex - flock, herd
longe - far off
aberro - wandr off
is - he/she/it
rursus - back, backward, again
congrego - gather, herd together
volo - want, will, wish
vox - voice
nihil - nothing
proficio - make, effect, accomplish
fistulae - pipes, pan-pipes
sonitus - sound
denique - finally, and then
lapis - stone
mitto - send, throw
cornu - horn
forte - by chance, accidentally
percutio - strike, hit
territus - terrified, frightened
rogo - ask, ask for
nolo - do not, will not, refuse
apud - at, at the home of, with
dominus - master, owner
ego - I, me
defero - deliver, bring, report
at - but, on the contrary, whereas
dico - say, speak
amens - witless, crazy
sono - make a sound, resound, be heard
etiamsi - even if
taceo - be silent, be quiet
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