Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Navigantes in Eadem Navi Inimici

In eadem navi sunt duo inimici
qui inter se capitalia odia exercent.
Unus eorum in prora residet,
alter in puppi.
Tempestas ingens orta est,
et omnes de vita desperant.
Is qui in puppi sedet
gubernatorem interrogat,
"Utra pars navis prius submergetur?"
Gubernator respondet,
"Prora iam submergitur."
Tum ille dicit,
"Iam mors mihi non molesta est,
quod inimicus meus in prora sedet,
et eius mortem adspecturus sum."

This story is based on 929. Navigantes in Eadem Navi Inimici.

navigo - sail, go by ship
in - in, into
idem - the same
inicmus - enemy, unfriendly
navis - ship
sum - be, exist
duo - two
qui - who, which, that
inter - among
se - reflexive pronoun
capitalis - mortal, dangerous, deadly
odium - hatred
exerceo - exercise, practice, cultivate
unus - one
is - he/she/it
prora - prow
resideo - stay, remain
alter - other, the other
puppis - stern (of a ship)
tempestas - storm
ingens - enormous, huge
orior - rise, arise
et - and
omnis - all, every
de - about, concerning
vita - life
despero - lose hope, despair
sedeo - sit
gubernator - steersman, pilot
interrogo - ask, inquire
uter - which (or two)
pars - part
prius - first, earlier
submergo - submerge, plunge down
respondeo - answer, reply
iam - now, already
tum - then
ille - that one, he
dico - say, speak
mors - death
ego - I, me
non - not, no
molestus - annoying, troublesome
quod - because
meus - my, mine
adspicio - look upon, see

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