Monday, May 02, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Vulpes et Mulieres

Vulpes iuxta villam quandam transit.
Catervam mulierum videt,
et alto silentio mulieres comedunt
gallinas plurimas, opipare assatas.
Ad mulieres conversa, vulpes dicit,
"Qui clamores contra me essent,
et qui canum latratus,
si ego facerem quod vos facitis!"
Quaedam anus vulpi respondet,
"Nos quae nostra sunt comedimus;
tu, o pessima animalium, fur es
et semper aliena comedis."

This story is based on 54. Vulpes et Mulieres.

Image Source: Red fox.

vulpes - fox
iuxta - next to, along
villa - farm, country house
quidam - certain, some, one
traneo - go by, walk by
caterva - crowd
mulier - woman
video - see
et - and
altus - high, deep
silentium - silence
comedo - eat
gallina - hen, chicken
plurimus - many, numerous
opipare - splendidly, richly
asso - roast, bake
ad - to, towards
converto - turn, turn about
dico - say, speak
qui - who, which, that
clamor - shouting, outcry
contra - against
ego - I, me
sum - be, exist
canis - dog
latratus - barking
si - if
facio - do, make
vos - you (plural)
anus - old woman
respondeo - answer, reply
noster - our, ours
tu - you
o - o! oh!
pessimus - worst
animal - animal, beast
fur - thief
semper - always
alienus - another's, belonging to another
M0054 (not in Perry)

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