Friday, May 06, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Ranae Duae et Puteus

Ranae duae in palude degunt.
Aestivis autem diebus,
palus arefacta est.
Ranae eam relinquunt
et sibi aliam quaerunt.
Non longe progressae,
profundum puteum inveniunt.
Altera dicit,
"Descendamus in puteum!"
Sed altera respondet,
"Si denuo aqua deficiet,
quomodo ex puteo remeabimus?"

This story is based on 611. Ranae Duae et Puteus.
Ranae Duae et Puteus

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rana - frog
duo - two
et - and
puteus - well
in - in, into
palus - swamp, marsh
dego - spend time, remain, live
aestivus - summer (adj.)
autem - however, but
dies - day
arefacio - dry up, wither, go dry
is - he/she/it
relinquo - leave, leave behind, abandon
se - reflexive pronoun
alius - other, another
quaero - seek, look for
non - no, not
longe - long, far, a long distance
progredior - proceed, go
profundus - deep
invenio - find, come upon, discover
alter - other, another
respondeo - answer, reply
si - if
denuo - again, anew, a second time
aqua - water
deficio - fail, disappoint, cease
quomodo - how
ex - out, out of
remeo - return, come back, go
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