Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Simia et Piscatores

Simia sedet in arbore procera.
Piscatores videt,
qui ad flumen retia ferunt.
Simia sedulo observat omnia
quae piscatores gerunt.
Retia iaciunt et tunc paulum recedunt,
cibum sumere volentes.
Simia confestim ex arbore descendit,
et piscatores imitatur;
simiae enim imitandi studium habent.
Retia vero, vix a simia tacta,
eam comprehendunt et demergunt!
Simia ad se conversa est et dicit,
"Digna quidem patior!
Piscandi ignara,
cur piscari volui?"

This story is based on 123. Simia et Piscatores.

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simia - monkey
et - and
piscator - fisherman
sedeo - sit
in - in, into
arbor - tree
procerus - tall
video - see
qui - who, which, that
ad - to, towards
flumen - river, stream
rete - net
fero - bring, carry
sedulo - carefully, attentively
observo - watch
omnis - every, all
gero - carry, carry out, do
iacio - toss, cast
et - and
tunc - then
paulum - a little bit
recedo - back away, go away
cibus - food
sumo - take, take up
volo - want, will, wish
confestim - immediately, at once
ex - out, from, out of
descendo - come down, get down
imitor - imitate, copy
enim - for, the fact is
studium - eagerness, desire, zeal
habeo - have
vero - in fact,
vix - scarcefly, barely
a - by
tango - touch
is - he/she/it
comprehendo - grab, grasp
demergo - plunge down, submerge
se - reflexive pronoun
converto - turn
dico - say
dignus - worthy
quidem - indeed
patior - suffer, undergo, experience
piscor - fish, go fishing
ignarus - ignorant, not knowing (how)
cur - why

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Anonymous said...

This blog is usually flawless, so when I see an error I am moved to correct it. In the vocabulary piscator is listed as fish, and it means fisherman

Laura Gibbs said...

Caveat lector: the blog is full of errors, alas. But now there is one fewer! Fisherman fixed! :-)