Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Anguis et Milvus

Milvus anguem rapit.
In altum volat, anguem ferens.
At anguis repente conversus est
et milvum morsu ferit et interficit.
Anguis tunc morienti milvo dicit,
"Tam stultus es tu!
Ego tibi nullam iniuriam feci,
sed me laedis ac ad mortem rapis.
Ecce: merito eadem refers
quae mihi facere parabas."

This story is based on 621. Anguis et Milvus.
Corvus et Serpens

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anguis - snake, serpent
et - and
milvus - kite (bird)
rapio - snatch, grab
in - in, into
altus - high, deep
volo - fly
fero - carry, bear
at - but, but on the other hand
repente - suddenly, unexpectedly
converto - turn around, turn
morsus - bite
ferio - wound, strike
interficio - kill
tunc - then
morior - die
dico - say, speak
tam - so, such
stultus - foolish, stupid
sum - be, exist
tu - you
ego - I
nullus - none, not any
iniuria - wrong, injury
facio - make, do
sed - but
laedo - wound, hurt, injure
ac - and, and also
ad - to, towards
mors - death
ecce - look, behold
merito - rightfully, rightly
idem - the same
refero - report, bring back, pay back
qui - who, which, that
paro - prepare, get ready
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