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Fabula Facilis: Aquila et Vulpes

Vulpis proles foris excurrunt,
et aquila eas comprehendit.
Vulpeculae matris fidem implorant:
"O mater, ab aquila captae sumus!"
Accurrit vulpes aquilamque rogat,
"Vulpeculas meas captivas dimitte!"
Aquila negat et ad pullos subvolat,
praedam portans.
Vulpes facem corripit,
quasi nidum incendio absumptura,
et aquilam insequitur.
Trepidans aquila vulpi dicit,
"Noli nidum meum incendere!"
Parce mihi parvisque liberis!
Tuum quidquid habeo, tibi reddam!"
Fabula docet:
Per aquilam intellegimus
potentes et audaces homines;
per vulpem, pauperculos.

This story is based on 410. Aquila et Vulpes.
vulpes et aquila

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Barlow images. Look in the background and you can see the first stage of the story, when the eagle first snatched the baby foxes.
aquila - eagle
et - and
vulpes - fox
proles - offspring
foris - outdoors, outside
excurro - run out
is - he/she/it
comprehendo - grab, grasp, gt
vulpecula - fox, little fox
mater - mother
fides - faith, trust, reliability
imploro - appeal to, invoke, beg
O - O! oh!
ab - by
capio - catch, grasp
accurro - run to
que - and (enclitic)
rogo - ask, ask for
meus - my, mine
captivus - captured, hostage
dimitto - let go, release
nego - say no, refuse, deny
ad - to, towards
pullus - chick
subvolo - fly, fly up to
praeda - prey, plunder, spoils
porto - carry
fax - torch
corripio - grap up, snatch
quasi - as if
nidus - nest
incendium - fire, heat
absumo - consume, waste, lay waste
insequor - follow, pursue
trepido - tremble
dico - say, speak
nolo - do not, will not, refuse
incendo - set fire to, burn
parco - spare
ego - I, me
parvus - small, little
liberi - children
tuus - your, yours
quidquid - whatever
habeo - have
reddo - give back, return
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
per - through, by means of
intellego - understand
potens - powerful, capable
audax - bold, daring, aggressive
homo - person, man
pauperculus - poor man (diminutive)

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