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Fabula Facilis: Ranae et Taurorum Proelia

Tauri in prato pugnant.
Rana e palude pugnam taurorum videt,
et clamat,
"Heu, quanta nobis instat pernicies!"
Alia rana eam interrogat,
"Cur hoc dicis?
Tauri de gregis principatu certant,
longeque a nobis vitam degunt."
Rana respondet,
"Statio separata est,
et diversum genus,
sed taurus victus,
nemoris regno expulsus,
huc profugiet
et in secreta paludis latibula veniet;
deinde nos ranas obteret,
pede duro proculcatas.
Ita furor illorum
ad caput nostrum pertinet.”
Fabula docet:
Humiles laborant
ubi potentes dissident.

This story is based on 608. Ranae et Taurorum Proelia.
Ranae et Tauri Proeliantes

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rana - frog
et - and
taurus - bull
proelium - battle
in - in, into
pratum - field
pugno - fight
e - from, out of, of
palus - swamp
pugna - fight
video - see
clamo - shout
heu - oh! ah!
quantus - how much
nos - we
insto - threaten, approach
pernicies - destruction
alius - another, other
is - he/she/it
interrogo - ask, inquire
cur - why
hic - this, this one
dico - this
de - about
grex - herd, flock
principatus - first place, rule
certo - contend, dispute, fight
longe - far away, far off
que - and (enclitic)
a - from
vita - life
dego - spend, pass
repondeo - answer, reply
statio - station, post, residence
separo - divide, separate, distinguish
diversus - opposite, different, unlike
genus - race, family, kind
sed - but
victus - defeated, conquered
nemus - grove, wood
regnum - kingdom, region
expulsus - expelled
huc - to this place, hither
profugio - escape, run away
in - in, into
secretus - secret, concealed
latibulum - hiding-place
venio - come
deinde - then, next
obtero - crush, trample, destroy
pes - foot, hoof
durus - hard
proculco - trample underfood
ita - thus, in this way
furor - rage, madness
ille - that, that one
ad - toward, to
caput - head, life
noster - our, ours
pertino - apply to, pertain to
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
humilis - humble
laboro - work hard, labor, be in distress
ubi - where, when
potens - powerful
dissideo - disagree, be at odds
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