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Fabula Facilis: Canes et Agricola Penuria Laborans

Agricola in ruri hiemat multos dies.
Incipit tandem laborare
penuria rerum necessariarum;
oves interficit,
deinde et capellas,
postremo quoque mactat boves,
et sic habet cibum,
quo sustentet corpusculum,
paene exhaustum inedia.
Canes vident hoc,
quod agricola facit.
Constituunt salutem quaerere fuga,
"Nos diutius victuri non sumus:
herus non parcit bobus quidem,
et boum opera utitur
in opere rustico faciendo."

This story is based on 379. Canes et Agricola Penuria Laborans.
Canes et Rusticus (de fame) - Osius

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Osius images. Look over to the left to see the dogs running away!
agricola - farmer
in - in, into
rus - countryside, country, farm
hiemo - pass the winter
multus - much, many
dies - day
incipio - begin
tandem - at last, finally
laboro - work, labor, be in distress
penuria - lack, want
res - thing
necessarius - necessary, required
ovis - sheep
interficio - kill
deinde - then, next, afterward
et - and, also
capella - goat
postremo - finally
quoque - also
macto - slaughter
bos - cow, ox
sic - in this way
habeo - have
cibus - food
qui - who, which, that
sustento - support, sustain
corpusculum - body, little body
paene - almost, practically
exhaustus - worn out, drained
inedia - hunger, lack of food
canis - dog
video - see
hic - this, this one
facio - do, make
constituo - decide, form, fix
salus - safety, health
quaero - seek
fuga - flight, escape
dico - say
nos - we
diu - for a long time
vivo - live, be alive, survive
herus - master, owner
non - not, no
parco - spare, be merciful
quidem - indeed, even
opus - work
utor - use
rusticus - rural, farming, farmer

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