Monday, April 04, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Vulpes in Puteum Delapsa et Lupus

Vulpes in puteum fortuito incidit.
Lupus in ripa praeterit,
et vulpes eum videt.
Vulpes lupum rogat,
"O lupe, opem mihi da!
Si funem mihi comparas,
ab hoc periculo me extrahere potes."
Lupus vulpi dicit,
"Miserrima vulpes,
condoleo tuum infortunium.
Dic, precor:
quomodo in hunc puteum incidisti?"
Vulpes respondet,
"Non opus est ambagibus.
Funem mihi compara,
et deinde omnia tibi expediam.”
Fabula docet:
qui in imminentibus periculis versatur,
non verba superflua,
sed praesentes suppetias quaerit.

This story is based on 64. Vulpes in Puteum Delapsa et Lupus.
Vulpes in Puteo et Lupus

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vulpes - fox
in - in, into
puteus - well
delabor - slip, glide, fall
et - and
lupus - wolf
fortuito - by chance, accidentally
incido - fall, fall into
ripa - bank, lip, edge
praetereo - walk by, pass
is - he/she/it
video - see
rogo - ask, ask for
O - o! oh!
opes - power, help, resources
ego - I, me
do - give
si - if
funis - rope
comparo - prepare, provide, put together
ab - from, away from
hic - this, this one
periculum - danger
extraho - drag out, pull out
possum - can, be able
dico - say, speak
miser - wretched, unlucky
condoleo - sympathize
tuus - your, yours
infortunium - bad luck, misfortune
precor - ask, pray
quomodo - how
respondeo - answer, reply
non - not, no
opus est - need, require
ambages - long story, details, ambiguity
deinde - next, thereupon
omnis - all, every
expedio - disengage, set free, set forth
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
homo - person, man
qui - who, which, that
immineo - threaten, be imminent
versor - move about in, be
verbum - word
superfluus - extra, superfluous
sed - but
praesens - present, immediate
suppetiae - help, aid
quaero - seek, look for, require

M0064 (not in Perry)


Mrs. Knight Rath said...

Thank you so much for this blog! I read this fable with my class today and they really enjoyed it. Eventually they're going to write their own fables, and I'm sure they'll be looking to your site for inspiration.

Laura Gibbs said...

I am so glad they liked it! Please let them know they can get a free copy of the 1001 Fabulae book at - it's in PDF format so it is a good format to read on a handheld device like a smartphone. The fables are small, so they are fun to read on the little screen like that! :-)