Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Herinaceus, Vulpes, et Muscae

Vulpes flumen transit,
et in voraginem decidit.
Ex voragine exire non potest!
Diu male vulpi est:
multae muscae ei adhaerent!
At herinaceus forte vagatur,
et vulpem videt.
Herinaceus misericordia captus est.
Herinaceus vulpi dicit:
"Amica, si vis,
istas muscas a te abigam!"
At vulpes omnino vetat.
Herinaceus interrogat,
"Quare hoc vetas?"
Vulpes respondet:
"Istae quidem plenae sunt,
et parum sanguinis sugunt.
Si vero has abigis,
aliae venient, famelicae,
et sanguinem exhaurient totaliter."

This story is based on 180. Herinaceus, Vulpes, et Muscae.
Vulpes et Herinaceus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Grandville images. I like the way Grandville shows the hungry new flies ready and waiting - they are HUGE!
herinaceus - hedgehog
vulpes - fox
et - and
musca - fly
flumen - stream, river
traneo - cross over
in - in, into
vorago - deep hole, chasm
decido - fall down
ex - out, out from
exeo - go out
non - not, no
possum - can, be ablle
diu - for a long time
male - badly
sum - be, exist
multus - much, many
is - he/she/it
adhaereo - cling to
at - but, while, on the other hand
forte - by chance, accidentally
vagor - wander around, roam
video - see
misericordia - pity, mercy
capio - catch, seize, grab
dico - say, speak
amicus - friendly, friend
si - if
volo - want, wish, will
iste - that, that there of yours
a - from, away from
tu - you
abigo - drive away, repel
omnino - completely, entirely
veto - forbid
interrogo - ask, question
quare - why, for what reason
hic - this, this one
respondeo - answer, reply
quidem - indeed
plenus - full, satisfied
sum - be, exist
parum - little, a little bit
sanguis - blood
sugo - suck
vero - in fact
alius - other, another
venio - come
famelicus - hungry
exhaurio - drain, exhaust, drain dry
totaliter - completely

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