Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Ranae et Puer

In stagno ranae sunt.
Capitula exerunt de aquis.
Puer lascivus ranas videt.
Per lusum saxis ranas appetit.
De ranis multas iugulat.
Tum rana una clamat,
"Iste puer ludit, ut videtis;
nostrae autem sorores moriuntur."

This story is based on 606. Ranae et Puer.
Pueri et Ranae

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Milo Winter images. In the image, the poor frogs are being tormented by more than one boy, judging by the number of legs!
rana - frog
et - and
puer - boy
in - in, into
stagnum - marsh, swamp
sum - be, exist
capitulum - head, little head
exero - stretch out, push forth
de - from
aqua - water
lascivus - playful, rambunctious
video - see
per - through, by means of
lusus - playing, game
saxum - rock, stone
appeto - aim at, seek
multus - much, many
iugulo - kill, murder
tum - then
unus - one
clamo - shout
iste - that, that there
ludo - play, play a game
ut - as
noster - our, ours
autem - but, however
soror - sister
morior - die

M0606 (not in Perry)

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