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Fabula Facilis: Satyrus et Viator

Viator nive obrutus est,
atque algore paene enectus.
Satyrus misertus est,
et viatorem ducit in antrum suum.
Viator manus refocillat
anhelitu oris.
Satyrus ei dicit,
"Cur in manus sufflas?"
"Hoc modo manus calent."
Postea accumbunt et cenant.
Viator in polentam sufflat.
Satyrus interrogat,
"Cur in polentam sufflas?"
Viator respondet,
"Hoc modo polenta frigescit."
Tunc satyrus viatorem eiicit,
"Exi ex antro meo;
Iste os tuum tam diversum
mihi haudquaquam placet!"

This story is based on 809. Satyrus et Viator.
Satyrus et Viator

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satyrus - satyr
et - and
viator - traveler
nix - snow
obrutus - buried, covered up
atque - and
algor - cold, chilld
paene - almost
enectus - killed
misereor - feel pity, show mercy
duco - lead, conduct
in - in, into
antrum - cave
suus - reflexive personal pronoun
manus - hand
refocillo - revive, warm to life
anhelitus - breath
os - mouth
is - he/she/it
os - mouth
dico - say, speak
cur - why
sufflo - puff, blow
hic - this, this one
modus - way, manner
caleo - grow warm, be warm
postea - after, afterwards
accumbo - take place at meal, recline
ceno - eat a meal
polenta - barley-meal
interrogo - ask, inquire
respondeo - answer, reply
frigesco - get cold, cool
tunc - then
eiicio - throw out, eject
exeo - go out, get out
ex - from, out from
iste - that, that there
tuus - your, ours
tam - so
diversus - turning different ways, diverse
ego - I, me
haudquaquam, no way, not at all
placeo - please

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