Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Feles et Venus

Adulescens formosus felem habet.
Feles delicium eius est.
scens Venerem orat,
"Felem meam in feminam muta!"
Dea cupiditatis eius miserta est.
Felem in puellam convertit.
Puella valde speciosa est!
Amator puellam domum abducit.
Venus sic cogitat,
"Si felis facies mutata est,
mores eius quoque mutati sunt?"
Venus in medium murem constituit.
Puella murem aspicit.
Formae humanae oblita est,
et murem capere vult.
In murem invadit!
Super hac re indignata,
Venus denuo eam in felem mutat.
Fabula docet:
Si homo personam mutat,
mores tamen retinet eosdem.

This story is based on 397. Feles et Venus.

Feles et Venus

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feles - cat
et - and
Venus - Venus
adulescens - young person, young man
formosus - handsome, beautiful
habeo - have
delicium - darling, delight
is - he/she/it
sum - be, exist
oro - beg, pray, ask for
meus - my, mine
in - in, into
femina - female, woman
muto - change, transform
dea - goddess
cupiditas - desire
misereor - feel pity, show mercy
in - in, into
puella - girl, young woman
converto - change, convert
valde - very, strongly
speciosus - attractive, pretty
amator - lover
domus - home
abduco - lead away, take
sic - thus, in this way
cogito - think
si - if
facies - face, appearance
mos - character, habits
quoque - also
medius - middle, middle of something
mus - mouse
constituo - set up, place, locate
aspicio - see, notice
forma - shape, form
humanus - human
obliviscor - forget
capio - catch, grab
volo - will, wish, want
invado - attack, rush into
super - over, concerning
hic - this, this one
res - thing, business
indignor - scorn, be indignant
denuo - once again, anew
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
homo - person, man
tamen - however, but
retineo - keep, hold onto, retain
idem - the same

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Anonymous said...

(Bit like Horace's Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.)

Actually, I only want to draw your attention to a typo: Adulscens (?).

Laura Gibbs said...

Typo fixed: thank you!!! And yes, the Horace line would work great as a moral for the story! :-)