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Fabula Facilis: Mors et Pauper

Pauper lignorum fasciculum humeris portat.
Longo deinde itinere fatigatus est.
Onere se levat et humi considit.
Tunc flebili voce advocat Mortem,
"O Mors, mihi adsis!"
Illa continuo adest et interrogat,
"Quid vis tu?"
Respondet pauper,
"Ego te advoco ut me adiuves:
humi tolle hunc fascem mihi!"
Fabula docet:
Adeo etiam in miseris,
homines mortales vitam amant.

This story is based on 816. Mors et Pauper.
Senex et Mors

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mors - death
et - and
pauper - poor man
lignum - wood, firewood
fasciculus - bundle
humerus - shoulder
porto - carry, bear
longus - long, lengthy
deinde - then, next
iter - journey, way
fatigatus - exhausted, fatigued
sum - be, exist
onus - burden, weight
se - reflexive pronoun
levo - release, lighten, relieve
humus - ground
consido - sit down
tunc - then
flebilis - tearful, weeping
vox - voice
advoco - call upon, summon
]o - o! oh!
ego - I, me
adsum - be present, attend
ille - that, that one
continuo - continuously, immediately
interrogo - ask, inquire
quid - what
volo - want, wish, will
tu - you
respondeo - answer, reply
ut - so, so that, in order to
adiuvo - help, assist
tollo - pick up
hic - this, this one
fascis - bundle
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
adeo - indeed, truly
etiam - even
miser - wretched, unfortunate, unlucky
homo - person, man
mortalis - mortal
vita - life
amo - love
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