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Fabula Facilis: Mulier Puerpera et Lectus

Instante partu,
actis mensibus,
mulier humi iacet,
flebiles gemitus ciens.
Vir hortatur,
"Corpus lecto recipe!
In lecto,
onus naturae melius deponis."
Mulier respondet,
"Minime lecto confido.
Malum finiri non potest
in loco illo
quo conceptum est initio."
Fabula docet:
Nemo libenter locum recolit
si in loco eo laesus est.

This story is based on 939. Mulier Puerpera et Lectus.

mulier - woman

puerpera - in labor, delivering a child
et - and
lectus - bed, couch
insto - approach, be close
partus - birth, childbirth
ago - drive, do, conduct
mensis - month
humus - ground, earth
iaceo - stretch out, lie
flebilis - tearful, weeping
gemitus - groan
cio - move, call up, produce
vir - man, husband
hortor - urge, encourage
corpus - body
recipio - receive, take in, bring back
in - in, into
onus - weight, burden
nature - nature
melius - better
depono - put down, place, deposit
respondeo - answer, reply
minime - least of all, not at all
confido - trust, rely on
malus - bad, evil
finio - finish, end
non - no, not
possum - can, be able
locus - place
ille - that, that there
qui - which, that
concipio - derive from, begin, conceive
initio - at the beginning
fabula - story, fable
doceo - teach
nemo - no one, nobody
libenter - gladly, willingly
recolo - cultivate afresh, renew
si - if
is - he/she/it, this
laedo - hurt, injure
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