Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Talpa et Olitor

Olitor talpam capit, eam interimere volens.
Talpa olitori dicit,
"Mi domine, ne me occidas!
Famula tua sum,
tam pulchra pelle contecta,
hortulos tuos fodiens, gratis."
Olitor respondet,
"Me non delinies his blandulis verbis.
Hortulos meos fodis, me invito.
Radicitus herbas omnes eruis,
te ipsam pascens
et me ad inopiam redigens!"

This story is based on 186. Talpa et Olitor.

talpa - mole
et - and
olitor - gardener
capio - catch, grab,
is - he/she/it
interimo - kill, murder
volo - want, will, wish
dico - say, speak
meus - my, mine
dominus - lord, master
ne - not, so that not, don't
ego - I, me
occido - kill, cut down
famulus - household servant
tuus - your, yours
sum - be, exist
tam - so, such
pulcher - pretty, handsome
pellis - skin, hide
contectus - covered
hortulus - garden, little garden
fodio - dig, excavate
gratis - for free, without obligation
respondeo - respond, reply
non - not, no
delinio - bewitch, charm, entice
hic - this, this one
blandulus - charming, sweet
verbum - word
invitus - unwilling, opposed
radicitus - by the roots
herba - grass, herb
omnis - all, every, entire
eruo - pluck up, dig out
ipse - (him/her/it)self
pascor - feed, feed on, graze
ad - to, towards
inopia - lack, poverty, want
redigo - render, lead to, drive back
M0186 (not in Perry)


Anonymous said...

Every summer these little monsters ruin my lawn.

Laura Gibbs said...

Exactly: and now you know you are not alone! They have done so since time immemorial! :-)