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Fabula Facilis: Ollae Duae

Duae ollae stant in ripa.
Altera est lutea, altera aerea.
Flumen utramque aufert.
Olla lutea collisionem metuit.
Olla aerea ei respondet:
"Ne timeas!
Ego satis curo ne collidamur."
Tum olla lutea alteri dicit,
"Si flumen me tecum collidit,
periculum mihi est!
Et periculum quoque mihi est,
si flumen te mecum collidit!
Quare melius mihi est a te separari."
Fabula docet:
Melius est vivere cum socio pari
quam cum socio potentiori.
A potentiori enim potest esse periculum tibi,
non illi a te.

This story is based on 763. Ollae Duae.
ollae duae

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duo - two
olla - pot, jar
sto - stand, be
in - in, into
ripa - bank, edge
alter - other, another
luteus - made of clay, made of mud
aereus - made of copper, bronze, brass
flumen - river, stream
uterque - both
aufero - carry off, carry away
collisio - collision, clash
metuo - fear
is - he/she/it
respondeo - answer, reply
ne - do not, no, so that not
timeo - fear, be afraid
ego - I
satis - enough, sufficiently
curo - take care
collido - collide, clash
tum - then
si - if
cum - with
tu - you
periculum - danger, peril
quoque - also
quare - for what reason, for this reason
melius - better
a - from
separo - separate
fabula - story, tale, fable
doceo - teach
vivo - live
socius - friend, comrade, ally
par - equal
potens - powerful
enim - for, because
possum - be able, can
ille - that, that one

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