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Fabula Facilis: Luscinia et Accipiter

Accipiter famelicus lusciniam comprehendit.
Luscinia intellegit,
"Accipiter me devorabit!"
Luscinia ergo blande accipitrem rogat,
"O accipiter, me dimitte!
Pro tanto beneficio,
ingentem mercedem referam!"
Accipiter lusciniam interrogat,
"Quid gratiae mihi referre potes?"
Luscinia dicit,
"Aures tuas demulcere possum
mellifluis cantibus meis."
Accipiter respondet,
"At ego malo mihi ventrem demulceas.
Sine tuis cantibus vivere possum;
sine cibo non possum."

This story is based on 538. Luscinia et Accipiter.
Accipiter et Luscinia

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luscinia - nightingale
et - and
accipiter - hawk
famelicus - hungry
comprehendo - grasp, seize
intellego - understand, realize
ego - I, me
devoro - devour, consume
ergo - therefore
blande - sweetly, in a flattering way
rogo - ask
O - o! oh!
dimitto - release, send away
pro - for, in exchange for
tantus - so much, so great, such
beneficium - good deed, kindness
ingens - huge, enormous
merces - pay, reward
refero - give, pay, pay back
interrogo - ask, question
quid - what, what sort of
gratia - favor
possum - can, be able
dico - say
auris - ear
tuus - your, yours
demulceo - soothe, entrance
mellifluus - sweet, flowing with honey
cantus - song, singing
respondeo - reply, answer
at - but
malo - prefer, want more
venter - stomach, belly
sine - without
vivo - live
cibus - food
non - not, no
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