Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Feles, Mus, et Caseus

Vir quidam caseum habet.
Caseus magnus ac pulcherrimus est.
Caseum in capsa habet,
sed musculus caseum comedit.
Amicus ei dat consilium,
"Felem in capsam claudere debes!"
Ex consilio ergo amici,
vir felem in capsam claudit.
Sed feles murem occidit,
et totum caseum comedit.
Fabula docet:
Cave custodes
qui tibi nocere possunt
plus quam hostes.

This story is based on 388. Feles, Mus, et Caseus.

feles - cat
mus - mouse
et - and
caseus - cheese
vir - man
quidam - a certain, one
habeo - have
magnus - big, large
ac - and
pulcher - beautiful
sum - be, exist
in - in, into
capsa - case, container
sed - but
musculus - mouse, little mouse
comedo - eat, consume
amicus - friend
is - he/she/it
do - give
consilium - advice, plan
claudo - enclose, shut
debeo - should, must, ought
ex - out, out from, from
ergo - therefore
occido - kill
totus - entire, whole
fabula - tale, story, fable
doceo - teach
caveo - beware, watch out for
custos - guardian, keeper, watcher
qui - who, which, that
tu - you
noceo - injure, hurt
possum - can, be able
plus - more
quam - than
hostis - enemy
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