Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Mustela et Lima

Mustela in officinam fabri aerarii intrat.
Lima ibi iacet,
et mustela limam circumlambit.
Mustelae lingua dilacerata est,
et multus eius sanguis effluit.
Mustela tamen oblectata est, putans,
"Aliquid ex ferro avellere possum!"
Tandem omnino linguam amittit.
Haec fabula eos castigat,
qui, contentionum cupidi,
sibimet ipsis nocent.

This story is based on 194. Mustela et Lima.

Mustela et Lima

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Medici Aesop images. I wish there were larger scans available of these Medici images - but the weasel is indeed licking the file there!

mustela - weasel
et - and
lima - file (for working metal)
in - in, into
officina - workshop
faber - worker, smith
aerarius - bronze, copper
intro - enter, go into
ibi - there, in that place
iaceo - lie, be situated
circumlambo - lick all around
lingua - tongue
dilacero - tear to pieces, tear up
multus - much
is - he/she/it
sanguis - blood
effluo - flow out
tamen - but, however
oblectatus - delighted
puto - think, reckon
aliquis - someone, something
ex - from, out from, out of
ferrum - iron
avello - take away from, wrest
possum - can, be able
tandem - finally, at last
omnino - completely
lingua - tongue
amitto - lose
hic - this, this one
fabula - story, tale, fable
castigo - chide, rebuke, criticize
qui - who, which, that
contentio - strife, struggle, controversy
cupidus - desirous, craving, yearning
se - reflexive personal pronoun
ipse - (he/her/it)self
noceo - harm, injure

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Unknown said...

A line is missing: tandem omnino linguam amittit.

Laura Gibbs said...

aha, I see what you mean: I added the vocabulary!