Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Vulpes et Uva

Vulpes, extrema fame coacta,
uvam appetit,
ex alta vite dependentem.
Summis viribus salit,
sed uvam attingere non potest.
Tandem discedit, dicens,
"Uva ista nondum matura est;
uvam acerbam nolo sumere."

This story is based on 37. Vulpes et Uva.
Vulpes et Uva

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vulpes - fox
et - and
uva - grape, grapes
extremus - utmost, extreme
fames - hunger
coactus - driven
appeto - seek, long for
ex - out of, from
altus - high
vitis - vine, grapevine
dependeo - hang down
summus - highest, greatest
vis - strength, power
salio - leap, jump
sed - but
attingo - touch, reach
non - not, no
possum - able, be able
tandem - at last, finally
discedo - go away, depart
dico - say, speak
iste - that, that there
nondum - not yet
maturus - ripe, mature
sum - be, exist
acerbus - bitter, sour
nolo - will not, refuse
sumo - choose, use, enjoy
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