Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Lupi et Rusticus

Rusticus arietem excoriatum portat
ad forum,
et lupi eum sequuntur.
Rusticus eis dicit,
"Quamdiu me sequi proponitis?"
Lupi respondent,
Quamdiu arietem portas!"
Rusticus clamat,
"Malo arietem dimittere
quam tales comites habere!"
Et statim arietem proiicit.

This story is based on 75. Lupi et Rusticus.

lupus - wolf
et - and
rusticus - country, rural, farmer
aries - ram
excoriatus - skinned, flayed
porto - carry
ad - to, towards
forum - market
is - he/she/it
sequor - follow, pursue
dico - say, speak
quamdiu - for how long
ego - I, me
propono - propose, intend
respondeo - answer, reply
clamo - shout
malo - prefer, would rather
dimitto - send away, give up, abandon
quam - than
talis - such
comes - comrade, associate
habeo - have
statim - immediately directly
proiicio - throw away, cast aside
M0075 (not in Perry)

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