Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Simia et Gemelli Eius

Simiae, ut dicitur,
si gemellos pariunt,
alterum diligunt, alterum neglegunt.
Ecce fabula de simia et gemellis eius:
simia quaedam, venatores timens,
instanter periculum vitat.

Filium dilectum ulnis prehendit;
filius neglectus in matris tergo haeret.
Dum praeceps fugitat,
petrae collidit
atque filium dilectum necat.
Neglectus autem, in tergo haerens,
manet incolumis.

This story is based on 108. Simia et Gemelli Eius.

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. Notice that here the mother drops the beloved twin and the hunter's dogs devour him.
simia - monkey
et - and
gemellus - twin
is - he/she/it
ut - as
dico - say
si - if
pario - give birth to
alter - other, another, one...the other
diligo - cherish, love
neglego - neglect
ecce - behold
fabula - story, tale, fable
de - about
quidam - certain, one, a
venator - hunter
timeo - fear, be afraid of
instanter - urgently
periculum - danger, peril
vito - avoid
filius - son, child
ulna - arm, forearm
prehendo - grasp, grip
in - in, into
mater - mother
tergum - back
haereo - cling
dum - while
praeceps - headlong, abruptly
fugito - flee, run away
petra - rock, boulder
collido - strike, crush, smash
atque - and, as well
neco - kill, destroy
autem - but, however
maneo - remain, stay
incolumis - unharmed, safe

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Charming story. I came here by chance, but I'll return.