Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Cocleae et Puer

Puer rusticus cocleas torret,
et cocleae ad prunas strident.
Puer eis dicit,
"Sceleratae bestiae estis!
Quomodo potestis canere,
cum domus vestrae
in flammis sunt?”

This story is based on 645. Cocleae et Puer.

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coclea - snail
et - and
puer - boy
rusticus - country, rural, rustic
torreo - roast, bake
ad - to, towards
pruna - charcoal, live coal
strideo - squeek, shrike, whistle
is - he/she/it
dico - say, speak
sceleratus - criminal, wicked
bestia - beast, creature
sum - be, exist
quomodo - how
possum - can, be able
cano - sing
cum - when
domus - house
vester - your, yours
in - in, into
flamma - flame
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