Friday, November 11, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Asinus et Vitulus

Asinus et vitulus sunt
in eodem prato,
Sonitum campanae audiunt.
Asinus dicit,
exercitus hostilis advenit."
Tum vitulus dicit,
"O sodalis, fugiamus!
Nisi fugiamus,
hostes nos captivos abducent."
Asinus vitulo respondet,
"Fuge tu,
quem hostes occident et comedent.
Ego asinus sum,
et conditio mea semper eadem est:
vel domino vel hostibus,
onera ferre debeo."

This story is based on 225. Asinus et Vitulus.
asinus rubos comedens

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Barlow images. This is an image for a different fable but I thought it fit this one nicely too, since the donkey is definitely bearing a load but enjoying a bite to eat at the moment.

asinus - donkey
et - and
vitulus - calf
sum - be, exist
in - in, into
idem - the same
pratum - meadow, field
pascor - feed, graze
sonitus - sound
campana - bell
audio - hear, listen to
dico - say, speak
praesentio - foresee, sense in advance
exercitus - army
hostilis - enemy, hostile
advenio - arrive, come
tum - then
O - oh! o!
sodalis - comrade, partner
fugio - flee, run away
nisi - unless, if not
hostis - enemy
nos - we, us
captivus - captive
abduco - lead away
respondeo - reply, respond
tu - you (singular
qui - who, which, that
occido - kill
comedo - eat, consume
ego - I
conditio - condition, situation
meus - my, mine
semper - always
idem - the same
vel - or, either...or
dominus - master
onus - burden, weight
fero - carry, bear
debeo - must, be obliged
M0225 (not in Perry)

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