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Fabula Facilis: Struthiocamelus Perfidus

Struthiocamelus avis in Africa est:
sed bestia videtur,
quod ungulas habet
cervorum similes,
et supra terram alis volare non potest.
Quodam igitur tempore,
in bello gravissimo
inter aves et bestias,
bestiae struthiocamelum capiunt,
et clamant,
"Avis es, inimica nostra!"
At struthiocamelus
pedes ostendit, dicens,
"Ecce pedes mei; ut videtis:
bestia sum, sicut vos,
non avis!"
Itaque bestiae deceptae sunt,
et struthiocamelus, tamquam civis,
tutus apud bestias est.
Paulo post, in proelio,
aves struthiocamelum capiunt,
et clamant,
"Bestia es, inimica nostra!"
At struthiocamelus alas ostendit
et rostrum quoque, dicens,
"Ecce alae meae et rostrum:
avis sum, sicut vos;
non bestia!"
Ita struthiocamelus
et aves et bestias fallit.

This story is based on 403. Struthiocamelus Perfidus.
Struthiocamelus Perfidus

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struthiocamelus - ostrich
perfidus - faithless, treacherous
avis - bird
in - in, into
Africa - Africa
sum - is
sed - but
bestia - animal, beast
video - see (videor - seem)
quod - because
ungula - hoof
habeo - have
cervus - stag, deer
similis - like, similar
et - and
supra - above
terra - ground, land, earth
ala - wing
volo - fly
non - no, not
possum - can, be able
quidam - a certain, one
igitur - therefore
tempus - time
bellum - war
gravis - serious, heavy
inter - among, between
capio - grab, catch, seize
clamo - shout, call out
inimicus - enemy
noster - our, ours
at - but, while, on the other hand
pes - foot, leg
ostendo - show, present
dico - say
ecce - behold, look
meus - my, mine
ut - as
sicut - just as
vos - you (plural)
itaque - so, therefore
decipio - deceive, trick
tamquam - just like, as if
civis - citizen, fellow-citizen
tutus - safe, protected
apud - with, at, among
paulus - little, small
post - after, afterwards
proelium - battle
rostrum - beak
quoque - also
ita - so, thus
fallo - deceive, trick, disappoint
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