Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabula Facilis: Pavo et Iuno

graviter conquerens,
Iunoni clamat,
"O domina mea,
cur vocis suavitas mihi negata est?
Ecce luscinia,
avis tam parum decora!
Sed luscinia cantu excellit;
ego autem cantare nescio."
Cui Iuno dicit,
"Et merito!
Non enim
bona omnia
in animal unum conferre possum."

This story is based on 544. Pavo et Iuno.
Pavo et Iuno

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pavo - peacock
et - and
Iuno - Juno
graviter - heavily, seriously
conqueror - complain, lament
clamo - cry, cry out
O - O, oh
domina - mistress, lady
meus - my
cur - why
vox - voice, sound
suavitas - sweetness, charm
ego - I, me
nego - deny refuse
ecce - behold
luscinia - nightingale
avis - bird
tam - so
parum - little
decorus - handsome, beutiful
sed - but
cantus - song, singing
excello - be out in front, excel
autem - but, however,
canto - sing
nescio - not know, not know how to
qui - who, which, that
dico - say
et - and
merito - rightfully, deservedly
non - not
enim - for, because
bonus - good
omnis - all, every
in - in, into
animal - animal
unus - one
confero - bestow, collect, add
possum - can, be able

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